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Reading an insurance policy is no fun. This is why we love insurance around the Bikernet Insurance office headquarters, so that you don't have to.

We come across to many new applications where motorcycle owners have been instructed by their insurance agents to simply add their bikes (via endorsement) to their Personal Auto Policy for "convenience" purposes. Not good for consumers we say. Not good at all. Why?

Adding your 2-3 wheel motorcycle to an insurance contract designed for 4 or more wheels makes no sense. Don't do it! The typical automobile insurance policy is not designed with your motorcycle in mind. This approach can leave numerous gaps in coverage and have you holding the bag in the event of a claim that is not covered.


We specialize in providing true motorcycle insurance policies from companies that specialize in motorcycle insurance. No ramming bikes onto car policies around here. This ensures that you get the best coverage with the best value every time for your bikes. Plus, we apply all the discounts we can to your specific motorcycle policy. In the end, you win with Bikernet Insurance.

Ride safe out there and remember, you are not just a policy number with us. We care about our customers.

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