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Roadkill A Different Kind of Muscle Car Program

Remember watching episodes of Miami Vice, and all the fast cars that Crockett and Tubbs used to drive around? How about the scenes of the ďGeneral LeeĒ from The Dukes of Hazard doing jumps that would have made Evel Knevel green with envy?

Those were just some of the muscle cars that have played their part on network television, but for real muscle car enthusiasts, thereís only one real fix for them. We're talking about the shows that are all about muscle cars, and a unique show called RoadKill.

Motor Trend and YouTube

Motor Trend Magazine has been around for more than 60 years and is an authority on the automobile in all its forms. The magazine has a monthly circulation rate of 1.14 million, according to It also has its own website, and a dedicated channel on YouTube. Motor Trendís YouTube channel is a great way to disseminate their specific brand of automotive content and connect with their viewers on a totally different level than traditional cable television.

YouTube is a massive content machine that many forward thinking companies are finally taking advantage of in promoting their content and interacting with their audience in a different manner. If you are still in the dark ages without internet connection, you can start with doing some research online into the various service options you have. One good resource to start with is, where you can choose your own type of package between to providers in the nation. You'll be on your way to watching twisted metal in no time.

RoadKill: A Different Type of Muscle Car Program  Motor Trend Article

Take two guys who love to trick out muscle cars, and put them together on a show that airs monthly on Motor Trendís YouTube channel, and you get something called RoadKill.

RoadKill is a monthly muscle car show that usually runs about 25 minutes on average, and features Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger of Hot Rod magazine.

Each episode furthers both of these guyís love and hate relationship with any kind of muscle car (with or without a motor). Now weíre talking about these guys working on street machines, hot rods, and anything else thatís worthy of their attention as long as itís a high end performance vehicle.

The Episodes

RoadKill has several months of episodes available for viewing on their YouTube channel. Here are a few of the episodes that any diehard muscle car fan will enjoy watching:

Rat Rod Jeep Death-Wish Trip: David and Mike take a road trip in a Jeep, but only after they turn this Willys flatfender into something safe enough to actually drive to Parker, Arizona to visit a desert bar.

Satanís Rat-Rod: 1931 Ford Big Muscle Car: The guys take a 1952 Diamond-Reo tractor and turn it into a high torque monster. They piece together a chassis, and use a 1931 Ford body to make the baddest car youíve ever seen or heard.

Chevy vs. Ford Cop-Car Thrash Battle: If youíve ever wondered which of these car manufacturers made the baddest police car ever, the guys are going to answer that question for you in this episode.

Both of these cars are used, but who cares? All we want to know is which is better: a Chevy Caprice 9C1 or Fordís Crown Victoria Police Interceptor P71? Of course the testing is very scientific as the guys test these cars by doing donuts, jumping the pavement while slamming into things and taking a trip into the desert.

What's really great about Motor Trendís RoadKill is that thereís only one show on cable that comes close to this show and thatís Top Gear, where they get a entire hour do what Mike and David do for their fans in about 30 minutes or less.

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