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Shelby American Opens eBay Store To Offer Parts, Vehicles And Special Items Worldwide

Reprint from Counterman Magazine


The SPP eBay official store is similar to those opened by Apple, Ducati, Sony and Nissan.

LAS VEGAS – Shelby Performance Parts (SPP), a division of Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc., has launched an official eBay store to offer special items, rare vehicles and its line of parts to customers worldwide. The SPP eBay official store is similar to those opened by Apple, Ducati, Sony and Nissan.
“eBay stores offer companies an opportunity to experiment with products, innovate and expand their distribution through a new channel,” said Akos Feher, vice president of Shelby Performance Parts. “While North American sales are strong, demand from our international customer base is exploding. Global customers tell us that they are very comfortable and familiar with the eBay platform and consistently use it for purchases. Given our existing relationship with PayPal, opening an eBay store was a logical step.”
The first eBay listings are for special items signed personally by Carroll Shelby, along with a selection of discontinued products. Upcoming plans include the sale of open-box items, clearance parts, mix-matched pieces, refurbs and even concept vehicles.
“eBay is a great platform to instantly upload items that don’t fit into our normal website,” added Tom Hribar, Shelby Performance Parts eBay manager. “For instance, we’re selling historic shop banners that hung inside our former facility and autographed memorabilia. These items are one-offs that can’t be found anywhere else.”
The eBay site can be found at with new listings daily.
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