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Sonoramic Plymouths

1960 "Sonoramic" Plymouths - Where Did All That Plumbing Come From?

The story of "Sonoramic" (long ram induction) MOPARs - by Joe Godec Courtesy of the Plymouth Bulletin.

By the mid-1950s, Plymouth's reputation as a very reliable family car was long and well established -- possibly too established and too doughty at a time when the new interstate highway system was bringing about tremendous changes in commuting patterns and intercity travel. In the middle of the Twentieth Century, virtually all cars could boast inherent reliability, so the car-buying public began to look for new selling points from the auto industry. "Engineering" was now beginning to replace "reliability" as a watchword, and "Chrysler engineering" soon became more than a sales pitch.

While Plymouth now had V-8 power (with157 bhp/240 CID, 167 bhp/260 CID, and 177 bhp/260 CID versions), it wasn't until the introduction of the Fury in 1956 that the marque began to shed its staid image. Actually, when a 1956 Fury hit 124.611 mph at Daytona (on the sand, no less), the automobile fans were served notice that a new kid had arrived on the block and he wasn't going to be bullied by anyone.

There was never any question that any of its divisions would ever be allowed to flat out defy the AMA and storm back into racing, but Chrysler did have that reputation for engineering innovation to uphold. Performance development (that phrase lends itself well to obfuscation) was a legitimate venue for engineering innovation, and with1960 came some of the most radical automotive engineering of all time: RAM INDUCTION . . .

1960 Golden Commando

1960 Plymouth "Sonoramic Commando" 383 cu. in. V8 at full song in the Dyno Room 330 HP @ 4800 RPM.

To see more about how the Sonoramic engine was developed, click HERE . . . The "B" series V8 engines used in Sonoramic cars are described HERE.

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