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Technology in Todays Cars

Few technology-laden car things for an overwhelming experience

Todayís tech-laden vehicles are considered challenging for drivers who donít know the market. Some people just donít want to change their old cars, and they would rather have theirs until it dies completely. To some, a car is like a favourite pet and rather than buy a new one, some owners choose to add improvements. Letís see some technology-laden car things that will leave you speechless.

Backup camera

Backup cameras on vehicles help drivers with the parking as they offer better vision of whatís behind their cars. All you have to do is place the car in Reverse and switch on the display screen. In spite of this technology, you may still have to physically look behind to check for blind spots. The cameras may not be 100% accurate now, but in the future new improvements will offer better precision. This feature is regarded as a safety attribute and it will become a gov-mandated standard in 2018. If youíre curious to test a backup camera, test a 2013 Honda Civic.

Lane departure warning and blind spot monitor systems

A blind spot monitor makes use of sensors to audibly and visually alert drivers if there are any objects in their blind spot. The lane departure warning system makes use of audible and visible alerts to notify the driver that he strayed into a different lane. These systems are extremely simple to use and theyíre quite useful, too.

Heat up/cool off

We all want cars that heat up/cool off instantly. One particular car model Ė the Audi SQ5 2014 Ė has heated side mirrors, windshield washer jets, and heater driver/passenger seats. However, what makes this car truly incredible is the heated steering wheel. In wintertime, it will certainly come in handy.

Multimedia screens

Most vehicles have a separate instructionís manual for their multi-media systems; this is usually linked to a screen positioned in the middle of your carís dashboard. Newer car models have intimidating screens, and by ďintimidatingĒ we mean high-tech. Itís like a super smartphone integrated in a car. To help you understand the accessory, test a 2014 Jeep Cherokee and youíll be blown away.

Automatic headlights

Driving at night can be dangerous because itís tricky to see other cars on the road. The easiest and safest way to protect yourself and your car is to turn on the headlights. Now letís talk about automatic headlights. Can you imagine not having to press a button to see the road at 12 oíclock in the middle of the night? There are car models that have this feature, such as Chevy Equinox and Hyundai Santa Fe; the system makes use of a simple light sensor, and itís certainly an extremely useful feature to have on your vehicle.

Keyless access

Start buttons on cars have gone mainstream, but what about keyless access? Is it possible to get in and out of a car without using a key at all? Also known as keyless access, this feature makes use of a fob that sends a signal to the car and alerts it that the driver is close. It will unlock itself; to have access you will need a key, but you wonít have to take it out of your pocket.

Better tire pressure monitors

Most modern cars have tire pressure monitors; unfortunately, not all systems are that precise. Nowadays, itís important for vehicles to have sound monitors in order to have a properly balanced car. Rather than visit a mechanic every month to check tire-pressure gauge, wouldnít it simpler to have a system inside your vehicle to monitor your tires?

The automobile industry is constantly advancing. New technologies emerge on a monthly basis, and drivers should want to adapt. Keyless access, automatic headlights, multimedia screens and backup cameras are just some systems implemented in the newest car models. There are other even more pioneering, and who knows what will happen 10 years from now?

Every car owner wants car parts that are long lasting; unfortunately, vehicles donít last forever. In order to expand your carís life expectancy, you just have to maintain it in good condition. This can only be attained by performing regular check at an auto shop. Just because you own a high-tech car, it doesnít mean you can be careless.


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