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Test your mettle at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas may be legendary for its nightlife but itís also the perfect destination for a road trip, with plenty of opportunities to practise your drag racing along the way. The quiet expanses of outlying desert roads are a major draw card, and Nevada is the perfect destination for any speedster looking to put foot and test the true potential of their muscle car.

Vegas is also home to a huge muscle car and drag racing community, and once youíve arrived at your intended destination the driving experience doesnít have to come to an end. You can simply consider your road trip as practise time before you hit the track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway (LVMS) is an extremely popular venue that not only offers a safe alternative to street racing, but boasts multiple world-class tracks ideal for drag racing. Just 15 miles northeast of the Vegas Strip youíll find this 1,200 acre race complex, and NASCAR events, hot rod and drag racing feature on an almost daily basis.

If you want to enjoy an adrenalin-fuelled experience that extends beyond the Vegas-style entertainment at Riverbelle online casino or at one of the many famed resorts, you need to put your racing skills to the test at a Mopar Midnight Mayhem event. This event is now in its 13th year at LVMS and is considered one of the most intense drag races in America. Any street legal vehicle may compete and the quarter-mile drag strip allows for some impressive racing action.

Vintage Chevyís, Mustangs, Camaroís and Challengers are just some of the muscle cars that regularly partake in this drag event and even if you donít want to try your luck at some serious racing, being a spectator is also an incredible experience. The roar of the engines is absolutely deafening and youíll see some of the finest technical driving on display.

LVMS gives drivers the opportunity to enjoy flooring their accelerators and unleashing the full potential of the horsepower hiding under the bonnet. A road trip to Vegas isnít only a great practice run for this experience, itís also the ideal way to test your mettle and enjoy your muscle car to its full potential, on the open road and on the track.


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