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The End of a Great Season,Who is a NASCAR Fan?



 A community with shared values and a passion for racing – there’s nothing else like it

 A shared sense of belonging where NASCAR fans see themselves as part of the sport

 A sport with traditional values – where people are honorable, down‐to‐earth and genuine

 A true family sport – family plays in integral part of the NASCAR lifestyle with our fans, drivers and teams


 For more than 60 years, NASCAR has been a sport with a rich and intriguing history of drivers, teams, tracks and fans

 NASCAR attracts the best drivers from across the country and around the world

 Fans view NASCAR drivers as relatable heroes who are not beyond reach

 A NASCAR race is a sensory experience in person and on TV – the roar of engines, the colorful competition, the rumble when the field streaks by

 The sheer magnitude of a live NASCAR event is awe‐inspiring and unmatched in North American sports

 NASCAR exudes raw power, as 43 racecars with more than 800HP reach speeds of nearly 200MPH for up to 600 miles on highly banked tracks

 1 out of every 2 NASCAR races in 2009 finished with a margin of victory under 1 second (includes results for all 3 national racing series combined)

 Sponsors are part of the fabric of our sport – fans recognize that sponsors fuel the sport and show their support by actively buying sponsor brands

 NASCAR is an environment of accessibility – fans are able to meet drivers, explore pit row, and visit team race shops, as well as have the ability to listen to
driver/team communications during races – making fans feel even more engaged and connected to the sport and community


 #1 sport in fan brand loyalty – NASCAR fans are 3 times as likely as non‐fans to try and purchase NASCAR sponsors’ products and services

 #1 spectator sport, with more of the top 20 highest attended events in the U.S. than any other sport

 #2 rated regular season sport on television with world class broadcast partners FOX, TNT, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, SPEED, and DIRECTV2

 Televised weekly in more than 150 countries around the world and in approximately 20 languages

 Dedicated 24‐hour NASCAR channel on SIRIUS XM Radio, which also offers multiple race‐day channels that feature real‐time driver/team audio

 NASCAR.COM attracts nearly 7 million uniques per month and is the home for official NASCAR news, live racing experiences, insightful opinion and
exclusive video
 Consumption of NASCAR‐related media: On average, NASCAR fans consume more than 6 hours of NASCAR media each week

 NASCAR sanctions more than 1,200 races at 100 tracks across more than 30 U.S. states, Canada, and Mexico

 NASCAR has 3 national racing series, 4 regional racing series and 1 local racing series, as well as 2 international racing series

 NASCAR races often draw larger crowds than a Super Bowl, NBA Finals game, and World Series game combined

 An average of more than 100,000 attendees at each NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race

 Interest in attending NASCAR events remains strong, with approximately 50% of all NASCAR fans and 75% of avid NASCAR fans indicating they are at
least very interested in attending a race in the next year or two

 Forbes magazine ranks the Daytona 500 as the world’s #4 most valuable sporting event brand (and the #2 most valuable annual sporting event, trailing
only the Super Bowl). The Daytona 500 ranks ahead of the NCAA Men’s Final Four, Winter Olympic Games, World Series, and NBA Finals

 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series events typically add $100‐$200 million to local and regional economies

 Year‐round competition‐based marketing platforms, including the 10‐race Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup

 More Fortune 500 companies rely on NASCAR to build their brands than any other sport

 Based in Daytona Beach (FL), NASCAR has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte (NC), Concord (NC), Conover (NC), Bentonville (AR), Mexico City
and Toronto


Gender: 60% male / 40% female

 Age: 46% of NASCAR fans are 18‐44 (100 index vs. U.S. pop)

 Income: 47% of NASCAR fans earn $50,000+ (96 index vs. U.S. pop)

 Family: 39% of NASCAR fans have children under the age of 18 (105 index vs. U.S. pop)

 Minorities7: 1 out of 5 NASCAR fans is a minority (up +4% over the past 5 years)

 8.3% of NASCAR fans are Hispanic (no change over the past 5 years); 8.6% of NASCAR fans are African‐American (up +12% over past 5 years)


Our most passionate fans have mainstream tastes – they like the same leisure and entertainment activities that most Americans like – blockbuster movies,
popular music, and big sports. What has historically set them apart is their clear and rabid devotion to NASCAR. For these fans, NASCAR is more than just a
sport, it is a way of life. They use NASCAR to bond with friends and family, plan family trips around NASCAR events and participate in NASCAR fantasy
leagues. They also consume a lot of NASCAR media from week to week, including televised events, web sites, and magazines. In addition to being more
familiar with the technical elements of the sport – race tactics, pit strategies, jargon, etc. – they also have a stronger emotional connection to the sport
across all personal experiences, both on and off the track. These fans have historically developed a strong sense of loyalty as an integral part of the
community. This resides both within the fan community, and as one of the NASCAR family, with teams, sponsors, family ownership and especially to one or
two drivers, following them throughout the season and supporting everything they do. Overall, these fans have experienced NASCAR in a way that is very
different than the way most people see the sport. Casual NASCAR fans, on the other hand, are typically big sports fans who, in their consumption of sports
programming, also happen to watch NASCAR, especially since the brand has achieved mainstream sports status. Most have never attended a race. Although
they have a basic to good understanding of NASCAR, they do not share the sense of community and belonging that appeals to the avid NASCAR fan. Like
most fans, they are drawn to the thrilling and exciting nature of the sport. However, their interest has not yet moved beyond the speed and potential wrecks
that are the most visible and obvious elements of a NASCAR broadcast.

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