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Update for theTwilight Zone T-Bird

How the Project Began

The original concept drawing for the TZ Bird was drawn for an article in Street Rodder Magazine by Brian

Stupski of Problem Child Kustoms. He had teased the editor about this "crazy" idea he had for a car from 

an alternate universe until he got the go ahead to put the concept out there in the magazine's Quick On The Draw column. 

When I saw it I knew I HAD to build it!!! I have always been a fan of the "Cigar Birds" of the early '60's, having restored a couple back in the '80's. I had always wanted to do another one and this one just seemed right.

I contacted Brian and he not only gave his blessing for me to use the concept, but was down right excited to see the car become a reality.

I decided to stay with his original premise about the car's unlikely origins and expand on the idea of a racer that was never built from a time that never was....Hence the Twilight Zone Thunderbird.  

Rod Serling would be proud.  IMAGINE IF YOU WILL!

Finding the Project Car

Next came the task of finding the right car for the project. It had to be something with a body in good enough condition to not have too much work, but it had to be CHEAP.

It may or may not.have the motor and transmission in tack, but it had to be CHEAP.

It needed to be close to home so transportation would be CHEAP.

I think you get the idea.   CHEAP!!!!!!

I found just what I was looking for about a hundred miles from the shop. Great body, rust only in one floorboard and the engine disassembled in the trunk. Perfect and you got it CHEAP.

The 'Bird's in the Coop

Moving the car in to the shop was a big milestone. It meant that some actual work could begin. 

Here she is, the unsuspecting victim, 'er, CANDIDATE for the big transformation. After picking it up off of Craig's List it's about to become more than the previous owner could have ever imagined. 

The first order of business will be to strip the car of all the unnecessary parts and get rid of them. Looks like I'll be a regular on Ebay Motors for a while!

Is This Really Progress?

I thought I was making good progress, but look at this mess! I had to move the car to different location in the shop to get another project inside so I just piled everything inside that I had taken off. Sometimes other things just get in the way.

This Turkey Needs to go on a DIET

This is the weight of the car as I received it. Not quite as much as I thought it would be , but still way too much.

Is 3000 lbs. unrealistic? We are going to find out.

Where can we make some reductions?

   That boat anchor 390 and Cast Iron Trans. swapped for an aluminum small block.

   Lose the windshield, back glass and all the side glass.

   All of the interior trim can go.

   The bumpers weigh a ton, so how about fiberglass since they are just there for looks anyway.

   We know it's going to be topless, so off it comes.

   How about an aluminum hood and trunk lid.

I'm sure we will find more possibilities as the build goes along.  This should be FUN!

She's Topless

Well there's no turning back now. I've either made great progress or I've screwed it up beyond all repair. It certainly looks more like the concept now

The next step is to get all of the suspension stripped and then off to the sandblaster.

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