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Welcome CORD COMPLETE to Muscle Cars of America

Cord Complete
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CORD COMPLETE Book is the Ultimate History of America's First Performance Car- The Cord 810-812 produced in 1936-37. The Book covers the many firsts in America; Front-Wheel Drive, Lycoming V8 engine, fastest production car tested at Indy, broke ALL speed records to date (1937) Records bested for 16 years! Save 50% to MCA members.

By Robert Pease
Art Director/Publisher

With its sleek Art Deco Lines, The design of the Cord 810-812 remains among the most distinctive cars of the 20th Century.   Last December classic car aficionados had a new reason to celebrate the automobile that continues to inspire with the publication of Cord Complete, the latest book by the late Josh Malks and Robert Pease.

Cord Complete is lavish, a description in this case, goes way beyond the high quality of the paper, slipcase and five color printing just for what appears as black and white coverage, and six colors for the large format  (10”x14”) full color Cord photographs.  At an astounding 304 pages, the book displays a virtual history of E.L.Cord’s Empire.  Malks and Pease had the kind of archival and photographic support for this absolutely definitive tale of Cord that most authors can never imagine. For instance, a full chapter of 16 pages, addresses factory records of every Cord that rolled out of its Auburn factory.

Inspired by Gordon Buehrig, who also designed the Duesenberg at a tender age of 24, the Cord was born three years later, who together from a team of highly skilled designers broke all previous automotive industry standards. Their achievements are legendary; streamline design, very low center of gravity, disappearing enclosed headlamps, Lycoming V8 engine, capable of over 100 mph speeds, four speed transmission with finger-tip shifting, front wheel drive-the first in America!  The features go on and on, disappearing convertible top, airplane inspired engine-turned dash, Cord’s technical design was very memorable, but its design and styling made it immortal.

The Cord was chosen by the Museum of Modern Art in New York as one of the eight finest designs ever. The Cord was the icon at the Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition “The Machine Age.” In the year 2009, Twenty international car stylists were asked to name the most beautiful car ever built.  The Cord was selected number four, the only American car on the list and the only Pre-World War II selection.  Forbes Magazine, in a special tribute of the 100th anniversary of the Automobile in America named the Cord sedan “The Single Most Beautiful American Car.”

The accolades received on Cord Complete have been quite outstanding; chosen by the Antique Automobile Club of America  as the “Book of the Year”, A Four-Star “Absolute Must” from Hemmings Classic Car magazine, featured on Jay Leno’s Garage  Internet Show, rave reviews; from Road & Track, Classic Car Club of America, Antique Automobile Club and many others.

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