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WHY I RIDE...and why I love the International Motorcycle Shows.

WHY I RIDE...and why I love the International Motorcycle Shows.

Hello Motorcycle Riding Friends,

I attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California this weekend.
Chatted with old friends and took in all the motorcycle excitement. Show was excellent as usual. The difference this year was that the Indian Motorcycle Company was front and center and had a great booth. Their exhibit featured Bonneville hero, Burt Munro, the New Zealand speedster, and they showed off all their 2013 bikes including the Darkhorse, one of my favorites. 

Check out the new
Indian Chief Vintage....WOW! Nice but expensive. $37,899.

One of the highlights of my day was spending time with industry legend, Arlen Ness. Arlen goes back to the 1960s with his choppers and amazing designs. He is the king of custom motorcycle design folks. Great guy too. He worked his booth hard all day signing autographs and taking photos with all his fans. Just a super guy who appreciates his fans. The Allstate Insurance Company is well served with Arlen as one of their brand champions.

Motorcycle Marc and Industry Legend, Arlen Ness

The International Motorcycle Shows do the circuit every winter all over the USA. I recommend you attend when the show comes to a town near you. Great opportunity to meet the manufacturers and try out all kinds of bikes. Just a great time I tell yas.

By the way, I receive a lot of emails regarding why I ride motorcycles and why I am such a motorcycle nut. See the following YouTube video from YouTube Bro, Samcro10. He captures my feelings perfectly. 
Why I ride motorcycles.

Ride Safe Out There.

Motorcycle Marc

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