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Your First Car Show

As a new classic car owner or antique car collector, you've spent the time and money sourcing, buying, restoring and showing off your classic car. Now it's time for your first classic car show. It's exciting to be able to display your car, and network with other classic car enthusiasts. To make the most of it, you want to know the insider tips.

Here are five tips below on how to get the attention of the judges and your peers, as well as basic advice on making your debut at a classic car show.

1. Ship it

Don't chance dirtying or damaging your classic car on the way to the car show. Instead, ship it. Research the web to find a reputable car shipping service near you to handle the task. If the show is within your immediate town or city, you might consider driving to the event. But definitely consider an auto transport company if you're interested in participating in out of town shows.

2. It's all about appearance

Your classic car should be shined, buffed and sparkling in every respect. Judges look at everything, and it's important that your car looks fantastic and stands out among the other cars at the event. Don't just settle for a simple car wash give your car the royal treatment. Use sandpaper to remove any rust, while being careful to blend the sanded area into the rest of the car body. Be sure to use the proper chemical products - don't rely on dish soap and general cleaning supplies, get specialty product from your local auto body store.

The interior is just as important as the exterior, so make sure that you're giving the interior the necessary TLC as well. Use a leather polish on upholstery and a metal polish on any other appropriate accessories. And don't forget to vacuum!

3. Tires

Yes, appearance is everything. But the look of your car doesn't stop with just simply polishing the exterior and vacuuming the interior. Tires are important too; perhaps more important than you might think they would be. That's why it's crucial that your car's tires are in good shape (i.e. they're sized appropriately for your vehicle and have good tread on them).

If you plan to showcase your car at other shows, it may be a worthwhile investment to purchase a separate set of show tires that you only put on when you're entering your vehicle in a car show.

4. Engine bay cleaning

Clean your engine. It's essential to have your engine in tip-top shape for your first big show. Grease, grime and dirt can quickly take you out of contention for any prize. This is often the most time-consuming aspect of prepping your vehicle, and you'll need engine degreaser as well as metal polish to make the engine look shiny and new.

5. Plan ahead

Just because your car looks like as good as new doesn't mean that it will stay that way throughout the duration of the car show. Come prepared with supplies so that you can touch up your vehicle periodically. Taking a few minutes to touch up your vehicle here and there can ensure that it stays looking its best for the whole show.

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