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Karson Kruzers
Run What-Cha-Brung June 2012 Photos


Car Classes

131 & Older Stock2160ís Kustom41Camaro & Firebird Modified
231 & Older Modified2260ís Mustang Stock42Camaro & Firebird Kustom
331 & Older Kustom2360ís Mustang Modified43Sports Car Stock
432-33-34 Stock2460ís Mustang Kustom44Sports Car Modified
532-33-34 Modified2570ís Stock45Sports Car Kustom
632-33-34 Kustom2670ís Modified46Factory Muscle Car Stock
735-39 Stock2770ís Kustom47Factory Muscle Car Modified
835-39 Modified2880ís & Newer Stock4849 & Older Under Construction
935-39 Kustom2980ís & Newer Modified4950 & Newer Under Construction
1040ís Stock3080ís & Newer Kustom50Foreign Stock
1140ís Modified31Trucks 49 & Older Stock51Foreign Modified
1240ís Kustom32Trucks 49 & Older Modified52Foreign Kustom
1350í Stock33Trucks 49 & Older Kustom53Lowrider
1450ís Modified34Trucks 50 - 69 Stock54Retro / Culture
1550ís Kustom35Trucks 50 - 69 Modified55Motorcycle
1655-57 Chevy Stock36Trucks 50 - 69 Kustom56Pro-Street
1755-57 Chevy Modified37Trucks 70 & Newer Stock57Special Interest
1855-57 Chevy Kustom38Trucks 70 & Newer Modified

1960ís Stock39Trucks 70 & Newer Kustom

2060ís Modified40Camaro & Firebird Stock

Other awards: Peopleís Choice, Club Menís Choice, Club Womenís Choice, Pigs Pick, Long Distance, Hard Luck,In The Weeds, Club Participation.

Allows 3 MINOR bolt on changes, such as tires & rims. Mirrors, engine dress-up kits (kit=1 change), radio.

Allows 3 MAJOR changes such as paint (custom or pinstriping), upholstery, noising, shaved door handles, decking, drive train (engine, rear end, etc), NO frenching, molding or chopping.

Open to any and all changes; including upholstery, chopped top, frenching, sectioning, body molding, shaved door handles, channeled, custom paint, with or without flames, graphics, scallops, pinstriping

Under Construction:
To qualify for this class some MAJOR portion of the car MUST be uncompleted, such as interior, paint, or bodywork. Nothing minor such as missing mirrors, door panels, wrong wheels, missing grill, etc. will qualify you for this class.

Your vehicle will not be judged, but a window plaque will be put in your vehicle. This will help us account for all the vehicles during judging. These vehicles will still be eligible for special awards such as people choice, men and womenís choice.

Karson Kruzers
Carson City, NV