07/22/12 12:02PM Custom Cars, Video, Walking Dead, Zombie Apocalypse

Hyundai Zombie Machine

Hyundai's 'Zombie Survival Machine' is pretty deadly

Hyundai's 'Zombie Survival Machine' is pretty deadly (via CarScoop)

Automaker works with 'The Walking Dead' comic book and TV show

Looking for a rugged, dependable vehicle to get you through a hypothetical the rapidly approaching zombie apocalypse?

Skip the Jeeps and Ford Raptors. Consider a Hyundai.

Consider this Hyundai in particular, the "Zombie Survival Machine," drafted by The Walking Dead comic book author Robert Kirkman and brought to life by southern California's Design Craft.

The vehicle was put together as part of a promotion sponsored by - you guessed it - Hyundai, reports CarScoop.

It's a 2013 Elantra Coupe that's undergone a few zombie-proofing modifications to better help its occupants do away with the undead.

There's the spikes jutting out of the center of each wheel, to take out zombies' legs; a roof hatch, so passengers can snipe at zombies from on top of the car; and a trunkful of pneumatic and electrical weapons, guaranteed not to run out of ammo.

Oh yeah, did I mention the giant spiked zombie plow affixed to the grille?

The Zombie Survival Machine made its debut at the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, but expect to see it in the pages of The Walking Dead starting with the 100th issue.