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An Oldie, But A Goodie... 1956 Stude Hawk..The "Bluebird"

1956 Studebaker Hawk


Gary Talbert of the Hawks Midwest sent this to us. I remember the Stude Hawk. It was way ahead of its time!

This is a 1956 Sky Hawk with 420,220 miles on her. She is still a BEAUTY!!

"Blue Bird" had an Avanti R1 289 big block, 4 bbl, dual points, solid lifters, headers, dual flowmasters, water-cooled HD automatic 3spd, 3:54 twin traction rear with 260hp at

4,300rpm and 333 # torque.

 I purchased her from a good friend in my club, the East Bay Studes of San Leandro, CA in 1962 with 39,333 miles on her. 

21 years later, sold to another Stude Club member in MA. and he now has 740,320 miles and won 2nd place in car show there locally.
ATTENTION READERS: If you have a Sky Hawk and would like to register it , follow the link below.
Gary D. Talbert, 1956 Studebaker Sky Hawk Owner's Registry Director

2905 West 50th Street, Westwood, Kansas 66205-1734 * 913-236-4029

www.1956GoldenHawk.com   then click on OPTIONS  and 1956 Sky Hawk Owner's Registry.