08/21/12 01:37PM 489, 700 HP, Angry Bitch Engine, Video


Bad Attitude Engines


We call it "The Angry Bitch" 489 cubic inch Big Block Chevy, 10:1 compression, factory 4 bolt main block, Eagle crank and rods, JE custom pistons, Comp custom hydraulic roller cam, out of the box Profiler heads, ported Sniper Jr. intake, Davis HEI ignition with 18v bump box, Pro Systems SV1 carb.

Originally we wanted to get close to 700 HP on 93 octane pump gas and be able to spray it to 1000 HP with a single stage nitrous plate. The objective was to build a reliable, reasonably priced big block with good street manners that could hold it's own at the dragstrip.

We brought it to Kenny Voss to dyno, and the numbers out of the box were very promising. Our first surprise was how smoothly it idled at 750 RPM. After the baseline pulls, we started to give it "the tune up" and were happy to see 678 HP and 604 LBS/FT torque on motor!  Not bad considering the cam was ground to take full advantage of the nitrous.

The next step was to run it on C16 race fuel and shoot some N2O at it. The plate we used was a Nitrous Supply dual solenoids perimeter discharge design.  Mike Thermos flew out from California to try out his newest design on our motor. We took baby steps, running the engine on each stage seperately to see how evenly they performed. Both systems added almost identical numbers to the dyno sheets.

Now it was time to see what we really had. We put in a set of sparkplugs 1 heat range colder and backed the timing down. With the nitrous system jetted to add 300 HP we actually got more, 1012 horsepower to be exact!

Being "numbers junkies" we decided to go for more since everything looked good and the engine showed no signs of detonation. After a few more degrees of timing was taken out, another set of even colder plugs were put in and very aggressive nitrous and fuel jet package was installed (250 HP for each kit) we lit her up for one last pull.

The results were astonishing! 1180 HP and 1069 LBS/FT torque, both peaking at 5800 RPM!

The next version "Angry Bitch 2.0" will use an aftermarket block and have a lot more cubes to play with, maybe 1500 HP?