09/12/12 08:39AM big blocks, Engines, machine shop, machining, racing performance, Small Blocks


We have been "renting time" at a few local machine shops to use their equipment to get our machine work done. This was a win / win situation for both parties, since they got paid 1/2 price for each operation but didn't have to pay one of their employees to do it, and we got to do our machine work without the expense of purchasing the equipment.

Since our workload has more than tripled this year, we couldn't keep up with the machine work under that arrangement. Too many customers had to wait a lot longer than they should have, and I've got to thank each and every one of them for their patience. We didn't lose a single job!!!

We made the decision to move all the machine work in house. Starting next week some machines will be arriving, with more on the way! Since we already have all our own tooling, seat cutters, torque plates, BHJ fixtures, etc. All we were lacking was the actual machines.

Over the next few weeks a Sunnen CV616 cyl. hone, a Rottler F2B boring bar, a DCM HB3800 surfacer, a Pro Bal crank balancer and a vertical mill will be hitting the floor, with more to come later on!

The machines will be kept in a seperate building adjacent to the engine shop. We also added on to the engine shop a separate storage area to hold all our long term projects.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for making this possible!