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Veteran Motor Car Club of America

AAA Glidden Tour, Brenham, Texas
Article and photos by Dennis Holland
1929 Packard Super 8 640 Roadster owned by James and Eileen Bartlett
The Glidden Tours are different. They have their own set of traditions, not shared by the other VMCCA tours. They are something special and are the premier touring event each year.
This year the Crandalls made sure that the Brenham, Texas event would be one to remember. It was pure Texas and about as western in theme as it would be possible to make it.
We started with a mini-rodeo, we had cowgirls on horseback greeting us everywhere we went, and the BBQ was not in short supply. Each day was approximately 100-110 miles of touring on great scenic back roads. Destinations ranged from the George Bush Senior Presidential Library to the Blue Bell Creamery.
Wranglerettes met us at every stop and helped us park
We had our own mini-rodeo on opening night

185 cars were registered with approximately 430 participants. They came from 37 different states. The cars ranged in age from 1909 to 1942.

Lots of great brass including Bob and Betty Reenders 1911 Pierce Arrow 36
1932 DeSoto owned by Bob and Sally Murray
1940 Packard owned by Dan and Alice Marshall

Our tour hosts, Jamie and Pat Crandall