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CHUMPCAR World Series

Drum roll please.....enter cymbals...now trumpets! Announcing the Beyond Amazing 2013 ChumpCar World Series Schedule!

After the 5,342 email inquiries we received from you chumps just yesterday, we're pleased to present the 2013 ChumpCar World Series Schedule. Click here to view schedule and be prepared to drool. And to review a full commentary on the new schedule, visit this ChumpCar Forum topic.

Registration for the 2013 will open in mid- to late-December. Be on the lookout for this announcement as well. Any questions, please direct to your appropriate ChumpCar regional director found on our CONTACT page.

Along with this new schedule, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the 2013 Rules by clicking here.

And if you want to chat about the new rules and schedule with your fellow chumps, we recommend that you join us on Facebook and participate in our online Forums.


There are still two very special ChumpCar races this year at two "bucket list" tracks...Sonoma Raceway on 8-9 December and Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway for New Year's Eve, 31 December. While the Sonoma event is the West Region Chumpionship, any and all teams are invited to participate (just not in contention for the Chumpionship). In fact, 3/4 of the field will probably be running just for bragging rights. For Laguna Seca, this event is limited to only 35 cars, per the track. Come out and enjoy the race of your lifetime, food, music & festivities. There are a couple of spots remaining for each event; to register:

For Sonoma's "How the West Was Won: Western Regional Chumpionship," visit www.ChumpCar.com and click on ENTER. Click here for the Supplemental Rules & Event Schedule.

For all information regarding New Year's Eve at Laguna Seca, and to register (note, this is a site separate from the usual ChumpCar registration), click here. Trust me, it's gonna be a party in the paddock all night long!

Wishing you a safe holiday season! The Entire Global ChumpCar Team