11/27/12 10:43AM Amsoil, Oil, Oil Change, Syntehtic Oil, Winterizing your Car

“ I know Amsoil is great oil, but it costs too much”

Amsoil, Muscle Cars of America

Boy if I’ve heard that once I’ve heard that a thousand times!  My response to that statement is:  “Compared to what and how do you figure that?”   I would agree that A qt. of Amsoil  Signature Series  (25,000mile/1yr) oil at ~$11 is more than brand –X   at $3.50/qt,  but it lasts 5-8 times longer.

So a truer comparison would be Amsoil cost $11  and brand -X cost is $17.50 to 28 for the same time frame.  Another facture to figure in. I typically hear that my customers  are averaging 1MPG fuel increase. Lets take a look at that.  If you had a vehicle that got 18mpg and it increased to 19 mpg at ($3.00/gal; good luck finding that price)  at 25,000 miles you would save $217.50  subtract the price of the filter you save $40/qt using  Amsoil.    So in the long run Brand –X  costs way too much.

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