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Precision Race Engines Know How to Build a Powerhouse

Precision Race Engines 4.3L V6 with 471 Supercharger USA Blower
Chevy GM 4.3 block

  • Precision Racing Engines
  • Thermal cleaned and shot penned
  • Magnufluxed
  • Bored & Power Stroke Honed (centered with mains)
  • 4 Bolt caps installed
  • Align honed (main bore housing where crank goes)
  • Decked for flat head surface
  • New Clevite cam bearings installed
  • New Brass freeze plugs installed
  • New oil galley plugs installed
Rotating assembly

Precision Racing Engines
  • New Heat Treated Steel crankshaft (tested to 700hp)
  • New Eagle H-beam 5.7"
  • Clevite Rod & Main Bearings
  • AutoTec Forged Dish Top Pistons
  • Total Seal rings
  • Rotating assembly balanced to race specs with printed spec sheet(.02 of oz. inch or within 2 grams)

Brodix V6-10 Lil Brodie Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Precision Racing Engines
  • 210cc Intake Runners
  • 67cc Combustion Chambers
  • 2.080" and 1.600" Stainless Steel valves installed
  • Bronze Valve Guides
  • All seats have 4 angels with radius for maximum flow
  • Matching roller valve springs, hardened retainers, and hardened keepers to camshaft

Valve Train

Precision Racing Engines

  • Comp Custom Grind Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • Choppy Idle
  • Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Comp Cams 3/8 Screw in studs
  • Comp Cams Guide plates
  • ARP head bolts
  • Comp Cams 5/16" hardened pushrods
  • Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum 1.6 Roller Rocker Arms
  • Cloyes Double roller timing set

Fuel & Ignition

Precision Racing Engines

  • Quick Fuel SS 750cfm Carburetor
  • Supercharger USA 471 Polished Blower Kit
  • Blower belt & pulleys for 4.5% overdrive
  • 1,2, or 3 V bely pulley
  • MSD Pro Billet Distributor
  • MSD 8.5mm Plug Wires
  • NGK Spark Plugs

Also Includes

  • OEM oil pan & matching oil pump pick up
  • Melling high pressure oil pump
  • Melling Hardened 1 piece oil pump shaft
  • Victor Complete Gaskets
  • GM Perfomance Aluminum Valve covers
  • Baffels,Grommets & Billet Breathers included
  • Proform GM Performance Bowtie chrome timing cover
  • Dura Bond Harmonic Ballancer
  • Mr Gasket Timing Tab Pointer
  • All new oil pan,timing cover,valve cover,& intake bolts

Dyno Tested and makes 450hp @ 6500rpm & 400tq @ 5100 rpm on premium pump gas