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Bill Elliott's Awesome 1965 Mustang!
Does this car look good or what?

Here is the beautiful 1965 Mustang owned by Bill Elliott - yes, that Bill Elliott. We want to personally thank Bill and Cindy Elliott and Jordan Moss for the time and effort in helping us with this article. They are tops! You can check out what is happening with Bill by going to his website www.billelliott.com.

Bill acquired this car a few years ago - it's a very early build Mustang, having been put together on June 29, 1964. Of course, this baby has been modified, not in the body, which looks very stock, but in the chassis and running gear; which we'll get to later.

And that body has been beautifully restored - better in fact, than original. The paint is flawless, the chrome trim is like new, and the vinyl top is perfect. The condition is due in part to the body having been completely chemical dipped prior to having the body being redone and new paint sprayed on. 

The interior has been upgraded to reflect the 1965 Mustangs, with the later Mustang specific dash. Surprisingly, this was originally delivered as an air conditioned car, and the original unit has been restored and works - thanks to the fitment of a Sanden compressor.

TMI, famous for early Mustang interiors, supplied all the upholstery covers, and many other bits and pieces - and the white is gorgeous. While they were at it, they fitted later headrests to the buckets, added 3-point seat belts, a tilt wheel, and added a Custom Autosound radio with four speakers. For those that don't know Custom Autosound supplies radios that look and work like the original but are totally modern inside.

The car is an automatic transmission Mustang, but don't let that fool you. it's running a TCI-built AOD (automatic overdrive unit), allowing a set of Richmond 3.55 gears to be installed in the original 8" rear. The console is an aftermarket unit, but it fits perfectly in the interior, and looks right.

Okay, so the inside is mildly and tastefully modified, but let's get to the outside. The first thing that is apparent is that while the Mustang looks stock, it is far from it. Those wheels, which look like period Torque Thrust units are really 17" late-model Mustang pieces. That allows the fitment of modern performance rubber in a size that can handle what this Mustang can deal out. It also let 4-wheel disc brakes to be fitted along with a modern power brake system.

Most of the trim looks like it was minted in 1964, including the deluxe trim rocker moldings. However, if we look at the V8 emblems on the front fenders, we see that the emblems don't say "289" - they say "302" because a Ford Racing small block resides under the hood.  The M-6007-XEFM unit features aluminum GT-40 cylinder heads with 1.94 in. intake and 1.54 in. exhaust valves. The cam's valve lift is .498 in. on both intake and exhaust and the duration at .050 inches is 220 degrees on both intake and exhaust. The crate motor has 9.0:1 compression ratio which means it will make HP even on the gas we have today. Ford says it produces about 340 HP.

The chassis was not neglected either. The front suspension features Heidt's rack and pinion suspension with a 2" drop and shock tower delete. At the rear, the standard leaf springs were dropped 2" as well and Lakewood traction bars were installed to handle that extra 120 -140 HP that the new motor dishes out. 

The underside is flawless and additionally the exhaust system the entire exhaust system is ceramic coated, from the Doug's Headers, through the "X" pipe and Flowmaster mufflers - all the way to the ends of the tailpipes.

From any angle, this car is beautiful. It stands out even when standing still. It is the personification of Bill himself, quiet, confident, and competent. Bill this car is you! Thanks for sharing your treasure with us.

Of course, if you ever feel you don't need it for a weekend, this editor wouldn't mind . . .  oh never mind.

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When this car was modified - it was made to look like this offering in the 1964 1/2 Brochure. Pretty good job - I'd say.

From the rear, it's traditional early Mustang, until you notice the size of those downturns on the dual exhausts.

Dark blue on the outside, blue and white on the inside - crisp, clean and inviting.

Under the hood, it's all business - with 340 HP of small-block Ford.

The trunk is as spotless as the rest of the car.

This shot really shows off how stellar the body-work is on this baby.

Left side or right - this car looks great!