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Looking to upgrade the chassis on your Classic Mustang?

Tin Man Fabrication

Are you looking at putting a new crate engine in your 65 – 73 Mustang? Or maybe you plan to take it to the auto cross or drag strip to test and hone your driving skills.

There are many things that can be done to improve the performance of your car but the first thing you should look at is stiffening up that old unibody. All unibody cars of the 60’s had a tendency to loosen up over time due to normal and not so normal circumstances. Creaks and squeaks are expected and poor handling is the result.

Tin Man, Classic Mustang Chassis Upgrade

Tin Man Fabrication Inc. has developed products that will help combat further deterioration and enhance your other driveline improvements as well.

8 Years ago we developed a set of weld in subframe connectors for a local customer that liked them so well he posted pictures on a local Mustang forum. The response he got spurred us to do our first production build of them. Since that time we made some improvements and additions that can be added at a later date or purchased initially. Our original subframe connectors are built stronger than any of our competitors’ and also look like they were installed from the factory. Our latest Gen II connector has an added midpoint attachment that bolts through the floor at the back edge of the seat riser and also incorporates the brackets pre-installed to bolt in our new traction bars.

Tin Man, Mustang Chassi Upgrade, Traction Bars

Our Traction Bars  for 65 – 70 Mustangs are fully adjustable to preload your suspension for better traction, adjust pinion angle and stop axle wrap up and  wheel hop. Don’t be fooled in thinking these would not be effective because they are proven to work excellent.

Traction Bars for Mustang Chassi Upgrade

All Tin Man products are proven and 100% quality made in the USA. Be sure to check out our web site www.tinmanfabrication.com to see our other products, pictures, installation instructions and videos to help with your new parts installation.

All of us at TMF hope you all have a great and prosperous new year.

Jim Crews


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