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Old Palm Harbor Car Show October 17,2009
Benefit the Jessica Dover Foundation

The Jessica Dover Foundation for the Natural Treatment of Autism is going to be helped out by local car enthusiasts of Tampa Bay and "Old Palm Harbor Car Show".

 In Palm Harbor, FL on October 17, 2009 there will be a car show and fundraiser event that will help support this foundation. This is a brand new foundation for helping people with Autism and Palm Harbor will be the first charity event hosted.
Bring your vehicle out and show it off for a good cause! The Jessica Dover Foundation provides a variety of services for people with Autism that includes chiropractic care, mild hyperbole oxygen therapy, testing procedures, and nutritional care.

"The mission of the Jessica Dover Foundation is to provide, educate and create awareness of alternative health care treatment of persons with autism, physically and/or emotionally challenged people, of indigent and economically underprivileged families.
Jessica found Dr. Lisa’s Family Chiropractic & Natural Health Care during her journey. She became fast friends with Dr. Lisa as their belief in the healing process, their passion for life and helping others forged an unbreakable bond. Jessica Dover is no longer with us but her passion and her vision will not be forgotten.

 Dr. Lisa is committed to creating a new non-profit organization in memory of this earth angel,'The Jessica Dover Foundation', that will represent the heart and soul of their passion and vision."

Old Palm Harbor Car ShowCar people love to get together, and talk about what they love most; vehicles!
All types of vehicles are expected and encouraged to show up to this Autism fundraiser in Palm Harbor, Florida as the classes are unlimited to maximize the benefit of this foundation.

Bring your friends, your friend's friends, and their friends because this is going to be an event of such magnitude you will not want to miss. Palm Harbor, Florida is home to some of the most exquisite vehicles in the world. Classic vehicles in perfect condition, exotic sports cars, off road vehicles, and JDM imports are the types of vehicles that are expected to show up. Check out the following video for a glimpse into a previous Palm Harbor car show!  Register your vehicle here and attend the Jessica Dover Foundation Fundraiser!