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Common Toyota ECU faults

ECU Problems in Toyota RAV 4

A Guest Post from a reader in the UK

An engine control unit (ECU), otherwise known as a powertrain control module (PCM), is an integral part of any Toyota vehicle. In fact, it is a computer that is responsible for the optimum running of all vehicles in the modern day. Thus, if something were to happen to your vehicleís ECU then it has the potential to cause substantial damage to your car. Nonetheless, if you remove your ECU from your Toyota and get the issue seen too immediately, you can rest assured your vehicle will run smoothly for many years to come.

The best way to discover more about this unit and how to maintain it is to be aware of the most common faults that occur in Toyota cars today. If you know more about the likely ECU issues then you will instantly recognise as soon as one of these issues occur. For example, one of the major problems that will be elaborated further, is your vehicle jerking. Thus, if this happens you not only know something is wrong with your vehicle, but you also know that it is the ECU at fault. Therefore, you can take your car for a repair or send of your ECU unit straight away, rather than having to wait for a full check over.

First and foremost; letís deal with the most common Toyota ECU fault of them all. This is when the vehicle jerks every time a shift in gear is experienced. What happens first is that the car feels like it is about to slip, but then there is a very sudden banging movement immediately after; resulting in a jerk sensation. It should not be too difficult for you to note when this issue has arose. If you do experience this shifting problem, then it is recommended that you get your ECU seen to straight away. After all, if you leave the problem for a while and the movement becomes more sudden, then you are putting yourself and those around you at increased danger.

Another ECU problem occurs when the engine light remains on all of the time. If you note that your engine light never turns off then this is a solid indication that you have an issue with your carís computer. It is worth bearing in mind the fact that there are several reasons why a carís engine light would remain on (as is the case when it comes to most symptoms regarding car trouble). Therefore, itís not certain that the ECU is to blame. However, the ECU being damaged seems to be the main reason. It usually indicates that either the ECU battery has ran out, there is no ground, or there is no direct connection between the ECU and the feed sensors. Of course it could also mean that the ECU has completely broken.

So there you have it; these are the two main ECU problems found within Toyota cars. Thus, if you note a sudden jerk movement when shifting gears or your engine light wonít turn off, you should definitely make sure you get your ECU seen to.

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