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CarHistory.us.org Launches Campaign to Find America's Favorite Classic Car

Customers are encouraged to vote for Best Classic Car of All Time.

We'll also put those cars up on the site for our customers to vote on. We want to see some of the souped-up cars our customers drive.

SAN DIEGO, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

CarHistory.us.org is launching a campaign to find out what America's favorite classic car of all time is, the company said yesterday.

“People come to our site because they are interested in cars,” a CarHistory.us.org spokesman said. “And classic cars are works of art. We want to have a fun promotion that our customers will enjoy, and we feel that the Classic Car Competition is the way to go.”

The CarHistory.us.org Classic Car competition will begin later this week on the company's blog, CarHistoryBlog.us.org org, he said.

“People will be able to vote in the comments section on what their favorite classic car is,” the CarHistory.us.org spokesman said. “After a week, we'll narrow it down to five cars. Then we'll let people vote on those cars.”

Customers will be encouraged to post pictures of their own classic cars, the CarHistory.us.org spokesman said.

“We'll also put those cars up on the site for our customers to vote on,” he said. “We want to see some of the souped-up cars our customers drive.”

At the end of the competition, there will be one model named the Best Classic Car of All Time, and in addition one of the cars sent in by customers will be named Customer Classic Car Of All Time, the CarHistory.us.org spokesman said.

“We think people will love the chance to show off their own classic cars,” he said. “This will be a fun way to connect with our customers.”

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