09/19/13 09:48AM EAA, Flight Training, Young Eagles

Open Letter from the Experimental Aircraft Association


September 19, 2013


Dear Muscle Cars of America Car Club,

Our national EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) has launched a new program to encourage more adults to become pilots, by providing a free comprehensive introductory flight. Our EAA pilots are supplying the planes and fuel on a volunteer basis.

The attached Eagle Flight PDF file will give you an overview of our program; describing our objectives, how to get an introductory flight, and a free six-month membership in our local EAA Chapter 1300, based at the Henderson Executive Airport, plus a free six-month EAA National membership.

Please help us get this offer out to your membership. Consider one or all of the following suggestions:


1. Dedicate about 15-20 minutes in an upcoming meeting for a pilot from our EAA chapter to give an Eagle Flight presentation.

2. Send an email to your membership with my letter and the attached PDF file,

3. Mention this offer in your next newsletter, and embed a copy of this PDF in that newsletter,

4.  List this flying opportunity on your next meeting agenda to see if there is interest.


I look forward to hearing from you so we can talk about helping your members take advantage of our Eagle Flight program.


Yours in the joy of flying.
Helen A. Carlson