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3 Apps To Rev Up Your Muscle Car Experience

As communities go, the “muscle car club" is one of the easiest to join. Owning a sports car a couple of decades old with a huge engine can easily get you in, and you’re also good to go if you’ve owned one in the past.

There’s no substitute for the throaty rumble of a classic ride, or the flash of bright chrome. Motorheads, auto buffs or general car enthusiasts can be found in every town, and are always up for an opportunity to show off their rides.

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Photo by Rama via Wikimedia Commons

In the past, you used to only hear about shows or cruises if you were on a car club’s newsletter mailing list or happened to live somewhere with occasional cruise nights.

But these days, smartphones make it easy to connect with muscle car fans worldwide. You can get info about upcoming events, share photos, and get the parts to finish your restoration or start a project. Rather than describing what you see at a show and shine, just snap a photo with your Samsung Galaxy and email it to your pals. Make them jealous by showing off what you used to drive.

For those who want to use their phones to get their muscle car motors running, here are some apps cooler than a stock ’68 Camaro Super Sport with a nice V8.

  • Soundboard – Anyone can use the Internet to check out classic cars. But with this free app for iOS and Droid, you can now hear them revving or download sound clips. Maybe turn them into a ringtone? There are 11 gas guzzlers we know and love, ranging from a 1969 Barracuda to a 1980 Pontiac. If you have cool speakers or a better sound deck for your mobile device, crank it up to pretend you’re at the speedway or the garage.
  • Muscle Car ID Pro – Know everything there is about muscle cars? Perhaps. But to really prove it, take on your friends in auto trivia. Or expand your noggin by learning new tidbits with this $0.99 app for iOS. The questions are multiple choice, some as simple as “identify this car.” Once you’ve mastered the mental part, enjoy checking out a selection of wallpaper. Find a sweet car in the library and put it on your phone. Then “just happen” to leave it lying around so again, everyone will be jealous of your phone’s display.
  • Musclecar Online – Gamers and gearheads don’t always mix. Maybe it’s a generational thing, or maybe people who love getting greasy don’t trust how easy it is to craft a car without bloody knuckles or needing to occasionally bang something with a wrench. But this free iOS app may bridge the gap between the two groups. Here, you can design and race a car you create, and if your friends play, they can race against you. You can even make a track to try out your car. It isn’t as good as being there, but it can ease the wait between car shows.