10/15/13 08:57AM Classic Olds 442, hot rods, Insurance, Muscle Cars

Classic Muscle Car.. Olds 442

197 Olds 442

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being behind the wheel of a 1971 Oldsmobile 442 while cruising down a blistering hot {Texas} state highway. All the laborious work of setting up all the original parts, investing on the best car insurance around, and maintaining the classic look of an American muscle car culminates by the time you feel the pedals underneath your feet, and hear the powerful roar of a 365 horsepower engine once you step on the gas.

The configuration of a 442 comes from its 4 barrel carb, 4 speed gearbox and dual exhaust – a Cutlass optional package until 1968. The same year also marked the unveiling of the 442 model as a class of its own. But in my opinion, 1971 is still the turning point of the muscle car era. This was after General Motors came roaring back with a vengeance by reviving the essence of a ‘49 series original concept and added its spice to the ’64 – after being challenged by Pontiac GTO’s success. And though the 442 was neither the fastest nor the best selling A-body of GM, it still continues to receive a ton of praises from past and present muscle car enthusiasts for adjusting and sprucing up the total performance of the classic.

As a proud owner of an Oldsmobile, or any other American classic, you should always make it a point to maintain the overall quality and performance of your prized possession. Your classic may run on a 455 cubic inch engine and handle the roads better than any other mid-sized car, but if you and your vehicle are not protected or covered by a motor insurance policy, then you might as well kiss the hood of your car goodbye. Here’s where Aviva motor insurance steps in and imposes its importance. We’ve all experienced a lot of close calls in the past with reckless – and probably uninsured – drivers, and we just can’t help but cringe at the fact that a simple wrong turn can lead to disaster. That’s why the smallest of details may prove to be the biggest difference in choosing the right car insurance that suits your lifestyle. In the end, the beauty and performance of an American muscle car will be put to waste without making the right choices.