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Five car releases which were doomed for failure

Winners of the Ugly Car Contest



With the price of bringing a new car to market, you would think that car manufacturers would do some pretty thorough research before giving a design the go ahead. Unfortunately, it seems that a few of them do their market research as an afterthought. Here are five of the most tragic vehicles which somehow managed to make it to the showroom floor:


Chevrolet SSR

 Chevy SSR

0image credit: www.diseno-art.com


Sometimes a car manufacturer sees a gap for a new type of vehicle in the market. We have seen manufacturers like Renault identify a need for a larger more spacious family car and the MPV was born as a result. This hugely popular concept has inspired many different variations from numerous car companies.

When a brand tries to address a perceived gap in the market which doesnít exist, the results can be very hit and miss. In this case, the Chevrolet SSR was definitely of the Ďmissí variety.

Surprisingly, there isnít a large demand for a crossover between a pickup truck and a sports car and thatís exactly what the SSR was.

Despite looking like a hotrod pickup, the SSR was built on an SUV platform, making it heavy and difficult to control. The performance figures didnít live up to expectations either!


Hummer H2


Hummer H2

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All of the problems with the Hummer H2 can be identified by simply looking at it. Flying in the face of every single green agenda the US Government was trying to push at the time, the only thing this behemoth demands more than attention is petrol.

With fuel consumption at around 10 mpg when driven carefully, this car was a publicity disaster for General Motors.

Pontiac Aztek


Pntiac Aztek

image credit: www.thecarconnection.com


Another blooper from General Motors, the Pontiac Aztek is often described as the ugliest car of all time. Sometimes an ugly car can get away with it. The perfect example of this is the Fiat Multipla. With styling only a mother could love, the Multipla proved popular because, underneath, there was a useful car.

No such luck for the Pontiac, though. The standards of the interior matched the styling, with cheap plastic everywhere. This car is a perfect example of a good concept being ruined by cutting corners and trying to save money at every opportunity

Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet


Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

image credit : www.thecarconnection.com

Unique is the word which comes to mind when looking at the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Another attempt at plugging a market gap which doesnít exist; unsurprisingly, other manufacturers haven't all rushed to get their own convertible crossovers onto the sales floor.

When it comes to a family car, interior space is pretty high on the list of priorities and the addition of a folding roof reduced this space by a noticeable amount. Add to this the handling problems caused by not having a hard top and you have a recipe for disaster.

Mitsubishi i MiEV


image credit: www.wired.com


One of the pioneering electric car models, the i MiEV came at a time when car manufacturers thought that people wanted their electric cars to look like their electrical appliances.

Aside from dodgy styling, the range offered by this vehicle left a lot to be desired. With a full charge only being enough to power the car for 93 miles, it isnít a car you want to get stuck in traffic in. The price, at roughly $35,000, made this car just too much hassle for the money.

Can you think of any other vehicle disasters which should be on this list? If so, leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

This blog was written by Mark Enright on behalf of Central Contracts, the car leasing specialist.