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ChumpCar World Series......


Greetings, Chumps!

Another racing season has almost come to a close. As I write this, we have two (2) remaining events in 2013: VIR's Eastern Chumpionship and Laguna Seca's Western Chumpionship. It's been one helluva year... 37 events that featured 56 separate races. In addition to all the endurance events, we launched our ChumpCar International Ice Racing Series and we held our first ChumpCar Sprint Racing events. And, there was "The 36."


For 2104, we're looking at 50+ Endurance, Sprint and Drift events, plus an unknown quantity of Ice Racing events... which will total well over 100 separate races by the time we post the 2015 schedule.


A few important notes, pieces of news and reminders:

  • While 95% of our Basic Competition Rules (BCR) remain the same, there are a couple of changes that will be required in 2014, specifically fire suppression systems and mandatory roof nets for all open and/or convertible cars. Pit Lane rules (Section 8) will be strictly enforced in 2104. Check out the rules for details. Most everything else is the same or has been slightly amended to make life easier for everyone.
  • In 2104, ChumpCar will execute an Annual Tech Inspection program.  Go through Tech Inspection once and, so long as you don't change anything or bend the car up too badly, you'll never have to roll the car through tech again that year. Gear check is also an annual inspection process.
  • Teams with permanent numbers will automatically have those numbers renewed and re-issued... UNLESS you didn't race last year.  In that case, if you reserved a number, your number will NOT be re-issued. Contact your Regional Director, click here.
  • ChumpCar has added an event at Pacific Raceway (Kent, WA), to be held 22-23 March 2014. More info to follow.
  • Registration for all 2014 endurance and sprint racing events will open at 12:00PM EASTERN (that's 9:00am Pacific) on SUNDAY, 1 DECEMBER.  There are quite a few events that will fill-up quickly due to limited entry restrictions and/or general popularity. Don't be locked out; it only takes a $250 deposit to secure your entry! These events include: 
  • Lime Rock
  • Daytona
  • Summit Point
  • Road Atlanta
  • VIR 24 Hour
  • Autobahn
  • Watkins Glen
  • Calabogie
  • Sebring
  • Thunderhill
  • Road America
  • Atlanta Motorsports Park
  • Las Vegas




  • ChumpCar will be announcing a NEW, MAJOR SPONSOR at the PRI Show, Friday, 13 December. This one will knock your socks off...stay tuned!


 Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!