12/20/08 11:17AM acrylic paint, clear coat repair, detailing, headlight, headlight repair, lens repair scratch repair

Repair Break Through
Automotive Detailing

Micro-Surface Finishing Products Inc., of Wilton Iowa, has launched a new set of products for the automotive detailing and retail markets. These new products utilize the same technology used in the aviation industry for removing damage from aircraft windows. Under their MICRO-MESH brand, for detailers, they offer an acrylic headlight restoration kit, a clear coat paint repair kit and a vinyl window restoral kit. These kits are engineered to remove damage from surfaces and restore surface luster. Repair areas are completely resurfaced so damage will not return and then micro-finished to a dramatic high gloss.

Scratch Away

Under their retail brand, SCRATCH AWAY, they offer a headlight repair kit, clear coat paint restore kit and aluminum wheel polishing kit. These kits include the same products, but in smaller dimensions as used in the Micro-Mesh brand products and are attractively packaged and priced. Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc. is looking for qualified distributors for these products, please contact them through their website at www.micro-surface.com