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February 2014
Car show season is getting ready to ramp up - it'll be here before we know it!

The month I have several new blog posts up, and another sale on a BIG artwork.  Keep an eye out next time for project updates, and a teaser for a new Automotive Art and Short Story book in conjunction with esteemed authors Anne Leggett and Jordan Alexander-Leggett.  And more things are in the works for later on!

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions, and remember that shoots and artwork creation can continue no matter the weather!
 Iíve been researching sites and blogs that talk about selecting art, and I find it both notable and depressing that only the tiniest percentage even mention what is by far the most important rule about art.

The first consideration for most of them is color! Sure, color is important. But pick an artwork based on its color, and youíll end up with a wall hanging that means nothing to you, and is disposable as soon as you replace your throw pillows. Instead, hereís your first rule:

Purchase a piece that speaks about something that is significant to you.
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Show Cards
Not all show cards are for cars!  I've been very honored to shoot Gene Brown's amazing collection as it grows and changes.  Click on the pics for larger samples of work I've done for Gene.

John Player Norton
1974 Norton

1932 Vincent HRD Python Sport
1932 Vincent

The Battle
Click the pic for a larger version
The Battle - There's a certain position you can be in while looking at a Lamborghini where you can see the headlight, door jamb and seat all at once. That angle allowed the basis of this work, which might show a sea monster battling to rise up from the depths to conquer the guardian of the leather.  

Click the link or the image to see it as a larger sample.  This piece is extremely dramatic, and will make a wonderful addition to your living room or any modern room of your home, shop or office.

As with all of my artwork, ONLY ONE of these pieces will ever be made.  Presented on aluminum at 40 inches by 60 inches.  Framing is available at a very reasonable cost.

Even at this sale price, I still encourage you to take advantage of FREE delivery and installation anywhere in the Denver Metro area.  A popular activity is to have an unveiling party, inviting your friends over for the big moment.  I can help you with those arrangements at no charge, and I'll be there for the unveiling too!

Sale Price= $2400 (Sale price reflected upon checkout at the link above)
Normal Retail = $3200

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Craig Patterson has been a photographer for many years, focusing primarily on automotive views.  If you wish to continue receiving these emails, you'll see not only automotive works, but also astrophotography and landscapes, all presented as one-of-a-kind works of art.  Each piece on aluminum will be sold only one time, making the owner a true art collector.