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Lap-by-Lap: Talladega
And the Winner IS...............

Talladega Race,NASCAR

Lap 191 -- CHECKERED FLAG: Jamie McMurray claims his third career victory and wins the Amp Energy 500. Kasey Kahne claims second and Joey Logano takes third.

Lap 190 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 6: Jamie McMurray crosses the finish line to claim victory after several drivers, including Mark Martin, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon are involved in a large wreck.

Lap 189 -- GREEN FLAG: John Adnretti is out of fuel on the high side, Jamie McMurray leads the field to green.

Lap 188 -- Jimmie Johnson has moved up to 12th, Jamie McMurray leads the field.

Lap 187 -- Green flag is called off.

Lap 186 -- Ryan Newman reports that he is OK but disappointed with the day. He goes on to blame NASCAR for a boring race as a result of the no bump-draft warning and apologizes to race fans. Several drivers report they are low on fuel.

Lap 185 -- YELLOW FLAG: Red flag is removed and drivers start to file in line.

Lap 185 -- RED FLAG -- Cars are stopped as ambulance arrives at Ryan Newman's car. Communications with his crew indicate he is OK. Safety crews are trying to cut a hole in the car to get to Newman.

UPDATE: Ryan Newman is out of his car and walking on his own. He will be taken to the infield care center.

Lap 183 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 5: Ryan Newman hits teammate Tony Stewart, flips his car and is upside down in the grass. Safety crews are trying to free him from car.

Lap 181 -- Kurt Busch reports tire problem, files down towards yellow line.

Lap 180 -- NASCAR reminds all drivers and their teams of bump-drafting warning with eight laps to go.

Lap 178 -- After telling fans he felt lucky today, Mark Martin moves to the sixth spot. Jamie McMurray is in the lead.

Lap 176 -- David Stremme and his crew think they're two laps short on fuel but are going to try and make it.

Lap 175 -- David Stremme has the lead, followed by Keselowski and Martin.

Lap 174 -- Jamie McMurray reclaims the lead position. Earnhardt Jr. is in second, trying to pass on the inside.

Lap 172 -- Ragan tries for the lead on the inside, passes McMurray.

Lap 171 -- Cars pick up the bump-drafting and fight for position. Earnhardt Jr. moves to second place.

Lap 170 -- Three wide with 18 laps to go.

Lap 169 -- Earnhardt Jr. drops seven spots as Jamie McMurray takes the lead.

Lap 167 -- Jimmie Johnson starts to make his move and is being challenged, trying to move out of 30th position.

Lap 166 -- Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman pair up to make their move. Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes the lead.

Lap 163 -- Drivers are starting to pick their partners. Mark Martin and Dale Earnhardt Jr. discuss pairing up. Martin asks Jr. to move down from the wall before pairing up.

Lap 162 -- Jimmie Johnson radios that he and teammates are getting restless with less than 30 laps to go.

Lap 159 -- Just two Chasers are in the top 10. Juan Montoya is in third and Mark Martin is in 10th.

Lap 155 -- 26 different drivers have led this race and 35 drivers are on the lead lap as McMurray leads the field with less than 35 laps to go.

Lap 154 -- Jamie McMurray claims the 57th lead change of the race.

Lap 152 -- Marcos Ambrose takes the lead. Stremmer is fighting to pass.

Lap 150 -- Jeff Burton takes the lead in the backstretch as cars follow two wide.

Lap 148 -- Juan Montoya takes the lead for the second time today. 40 laps to go.

Lap 147 -- Elliott Sadler take the lead with Robby Gordon on his bumper.

Lap 145 -- Denny Hamlin reports a connecting rod as the reason for his trip to the garage.

Lap 144 -- Kevn Harvick claims the 49th lead change of the race.

Lap 143 -- Jeff Gordon steals back the lead position.

Lap 142 -- GREEN FLAG: Brad Keselowski leads the field to green.

Lap 141 -- Jeff Gordon takes the lead. Darnell reenters the race 23 laps down.

Lap 140 -- John Andretti takes the lead under caution, followed by Biffle, Vickers and Richardson Jr.

Lap 139 -- Denny Hamlin heads to the garage. Brad Keselowski had the lead with less than 50 laps to go. Casey Mears gets four new tires, joined by several other drivers in the pits.

Lap 138 -- Caution car reports oil streak in Turn 1 and 2.

Lap 137 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 4: Denny Hamlin blows an engine in Turn 4.

Lap 136 -- Brad Keselowski takes the lead.

Lap 134 -- Points leader Jimmie Johnson moves up to 27th. Jeff Gordon leads all of the chasers running in the 6th spot.

Lap 133 -- David Stremme marks the 42md lead change of the day, followed by Mears, Keselowski and Bowyer.

Lap 129 -- Kevin Harvick hits 193 mph in the straight away with Jeff Gordon on his bumper.

Lap 126 -- Hamlin and Kyle Busch discuss strategy in the straighaway as Jeff Gordon gives up the lead to Kevin Harvick.

Lap 124 -- Kyle Busch fights back to the lead, then trades it to Jeff Burton, only to reclaim the 39th lead change of the day.

Lap 122 -- Ryan Newman shoots past Busch on the outside and reclaims the lead.

Lap 121 -- Kyle Busch finds the lead position again. Darnell heads to the garage.

Lap 120 -- Ryan Newman takes the lead position.

Lap 118 -- Denny Hamlin takes the lead for the 36th lead change of the day. Erik Darnell is 3 laps behind the leader and has lost power.

Lap 117 -- 35 cars are on the lead lap. Denny Hamlin and Jeff Gordon are trading second and third position.

Lap 116 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. passes Logano on the high side to claim the lead position.

Lap 114 -- Joey Logano claims the lead position.

Lap 111 -- Jeff Gordon claims the 32nd lead change of the race and becomes the 19th leader.

Lap 110 -- Jeff Burton takes the lead, followed by Jeff Gordon, Robby Gordon, Logano and Kyle Busch.

Lap 109 -- Robby Gordon takes the lead.

Lap 108 -- GREEN FLAG: Denny Hamlin leads the field to green

Lap 107 -- Denny Hamlin is back in the lead, Kurt Busch gets the free pass.

Lap 106 -- John Andretti takes the lead, followed by Hamlin, Lagano, Kyle Busch and Robby Gordon.

Lap 105 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 3: Debris in Turn 4. Officials report a big piece of tear off in Turn 3 as well.

Lap 102 -- Denny Hamlin continues in the lead position, followed by Stremme, Ragan, Lagano and Kyle Busch.

Lap 99 -- Kasey Kahne gets four new tires after a strong pit stop. Denny Hamlin takes the lead.

Lap 98 -- Marcos Ambrose takes the lead, Earnhardt Jr. gets new tires. Kurt Busch in pit road for service, repairs.

Lap 97 -- Denny Hamlin's crew cheif tells him he has to pit for fuel and tires. Mears and Gordon bump in the pit.

Lap 95 -- Mark Martin reclaims lead position, followed by Harvick, Hamlin and Earnhardt Jr. Several cars heading to pit road.

Lap 94 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes a move on Mark Martin and grabs the lead. Keselowski had to pit for fuel.

Lap 92 -- Greg Biffle is in pit road to get four new tires and fuel. Recieves outside tire violation. Several drivers elected not to put under earlier caution and are within a few laps of needing fuel.

Lap 91 -- Mark Martin takes lead, followed by Montoya, Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Lap 88 -- Martin Truex Jr. to pit road. Hamlin pushes Harvick back into the lead position.

Lap 87 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. fights past Harvick and Montyoa to take the lead.

Lap 85 -- AJ Allmendinger has a tire go down and heads to pit road.

Lap 82 -- Kevin Harvick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have settled into first and second place, followed closely by Juan Montoya.

Lap 78 -- Tony Stewart tells his crew that he will make his move with 30 laps to go.

Lap 76 -- Leaders take the backstretch running wide open at 191 mph.

Lap 75 -- Everyone on the lead lap runs around the track single file. Casey Mears is a lap down due to entering pit road to fast.

Lap 71 -- Allmendinger joins Mears, Papis and Kurt Busch behind the lead lap.

Lap 70 -- Three Chasers are in the top five spots. Montoya is in third, Hamlin is in fourth and Mark Martin is in fifth.

Lap 68 -- Kevin Harvick radios for an iPod to sit in his drink holder as he holds steady in the lead position.

Lap 67 -- At this point, 20 lead changes have taken place as Harvick continues to lead the field.

Lap 65 -- Four drivers are out of the race at this point: Sam Hornish Jr., Dave Blaney, Paul Menard and Joe Nemechek.

Lap 62 -- Bump-drafting is starting to pick up in the straighaways, Kevin Harvick takes the lead with Earnhardt Jr. tight on his bumper.

Lap 61 -- Denny Hamlin takes the lead, fighting off Jeff Gordon.

Lap 59 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr., who has fought his way towards the front, claims the lead with Junior Nation on their feet. Racing is starting to pick up.

Lap 58 -- Elliott Sadler reclaims the lead, Mears and Papis are still a lap down, Kurt Busch is two laps down.

Lap 57 -- Sam Hornish Jr. is out of the race with an injury.

Lap 56 -- Matt Kenseth takes the lead, followed by Hamlin, Earnhardt and Labonte.

Lap 55 -- GREEN FLAG: Elliott Sadler leads the fields to green

Lap 53 -- Elliott Sadler leads under caution. After leading earlier, Kurt Busch is now two laps down.

Lap 52 -- Points leader Jimmie Johnson takes the lead for the first time since starting on the pole.

Lap 51 -- Joey Lagano gets the free pass.

Lap 49 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 2: Kurt Busch spins out, loses tire and gets bumped into grass. Michael Waltrip takes the lead under caution.

Lap 48 -- Tony Stewart adds to the list of lead changes, claiming the top spot followed by Newman, Waltrip, Johnson and McMurray.

Lap 47 -- Sam Hornish Jr. heads to the garage.

Lap 46 -- Jeff Burton moves to the lead spot.

Lap 45 -- Erik Darnell penalized for leaving pit road too fast.

Lap 43 -- Elliott Sadler claims the lead position, followed by Kyle Busch, Keselowski, Burton and Kenseth.

Lap 41 -- Officials penalize Martin Truex Jr. for entering pit road too fast. Casey Mears penalized for exiting too fast.

Lap 40 -- Vickers, Truex, Logano and Montoya head to pit road. All get new tires. Logano is first one out.

Lap 37 -- Cars are single file up front as Casey Mears continues to lead, followed by Harvick, Gordon, Earnhardt and Ambrose. Pit stops should come within five laps. First 22 cars running almost identical speeds of 187 mph.

Lap 35 -- Max Papis goes a lap down.

Lap 31 -- Drives continue to stay in line with no warnings as they continue to feel their way around today's warning. Casey Mears continues to lead.

Lap 29 -- Of all the Chasers, Jimmie Johnson is bringing up the rear in the 30th position.

Lap 25 -- Casey Mears continues to lead the field who are packing themselves in along the backstretch.

Lap 22 -- New leader is Casey Mears, followed by Harvick, Gordon and Earnhardt.

Lap 21 -- Paul Menard and Joe Nemechek are out of the race after earlier accident takes them out.

Lap 19 -- Officials warnings not to bump-draft in the turn have been followed so far, with Greg Biffle backing off of Jeff Gordon in the turn.

Lap 18 -- David Reutimann and Jeff Gordon trade the lead position with speeds approaching 200 mph.

Lap 16 -- Jeff Gordon claims the lead spot, followed by Biffle and Vickers.

Lap 14 -- David Reutimann continues to run strong at 192 mph. Very little bump drafting has coccured in the turn so far.

Lap 12 -- Jimmie Johnson drops back to the 38th position after starting at the pole.

Lap 11 -- David Reutimann trades the lead spot with Kurt Busch. Greg Biffle moves to second, followed by Carl Edwards.

Lap 10 -- Kurt Busch reclaims the lead, followed by David Reutimann who trys to make a move up high.

Lap 9 -- David Reutimann leads the field, followed by Greg Biffle.

Lap 7 -- GREEN FLAG: Kurt Busch brings the field to green on the inside.

Lap 6 -- 20 cars head to pit road including Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 4 -- YELLOW FLAG NO. 1: Two cars involved - Paul Menard and Joe Nemechek. Menard cuts a tire and hits the wall.

Lap 3 -- Kurt Busch continues to lead, followed by Elliot Edwards.

Lap 2 -- Kurt Busch leads the second lap followed by Greg Biffle. Jimmie Johnson drops back to middle of pack.

Lap 1 -- Mark Martin gets a great start and leads the first lap earning his first points.

1:19 p.m -- GREEN FLAG: Jimmie Johnson brings the field to green and the Amp Energy 500 is under way - tell his crew that they've got a great car today.

1:13 p.m. -- Kasey Kahne moves to rear of the field with an engine change.

1:09 p.m. -- Vice President of Pepsi Sports, Jeff Dubiel gives the command: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

1:01 p.m. -- Choral singers from the 82nd Airborne perform the national anthem.

1:00 p.m. -- Rev. Billy Wyatt gives the invocation.

Noon -- NASCAR Countdown is under way on ABC.

11:45 p.m. -- NASCAR officials announce at this morning's drivers' meeting that bump drafting will be monitored closely and will not be allowed in the turns.

11:31 p.m. ET -- After rain washed out Saturday's qualifying, drivers and their teams woke up to sunny skies this morning. Green for the Amp Energy 500 is scheduled for 1:19 p.m. ET with Jimmie Johnson on the pole.