11/03/10 03:59PM Don Prudhomme, Drag Racing, Hot Wheels

Interview-->Dragmaster: Don - The Snake - Prudhomme
By Speedhunters

A few weeks ago we had a rare opportunity to sit down with an absolute legend of Drag Racing: Don "The Snake" Prudhomme. His Hot Wheels and Army funny cars are likely some of the most famous machines to ever thunder down the quarter mile, so it was quite an honour to spend time with him.

Speedhunters: Thought we would start talking about very early days,  your name is synonymous with drag racing, but for you, when did you first hear about drag racing, two cars racing each other.

Don Prudhomme:
Probably 1956, probably when I heard about it… as a kid we’d go to a drag strip out in Saugus/Newhall area, they had a Saugus drag strip. Then they built one in the San Fernando Valley Raceway, drag strip. That’s where I really got involved there, that’s where I really started driving cars. I drove a club car, I was in the Road Kings of Burbank, a car club, and Tom Ivo he was in the club, met him and just really took a liking to drag racing and they had club car and I was able to drive it a few times, you know guys would trade off, they’d say “hey you wanna drive this time?”

Speedhunters: So back then was drag racing on the strips and drag racing as a street racing scene, were they related at all?

Don Prudhomme: Yeah, yeah they were quite a bit. There was quite a bit of racing on the streets, that’s where everyone started… it was too much of a hassle to go to the track you know. It was more fun because you could hang out at Bob’s Big Boy and challenge some guy, hey! You know, you’ve seen that movie with James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause,well it was kinda like that it was a whole scene like that cause we’d all tear off from Bobs…

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