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ChumpCar World Series

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"North America's Home for $500 Race Car Endurance Road Racing Series             MARCH 2011

Real Racing, Real Tracks, Real Drivers, Real Cheap Cars...


We're not always chumps.  Each race, ChumpCar drivers & their teams graciously adopt a local charity to support.  For 2010, local food banks were the focus of ChumpCar's community involvement, in addition to a race supporting Red Cross Haiti Relief.  Through your generosity, over $60,000 in donations was raised this year!
Red Cross
Redwood Empire Food Bank Logo Boys & Girls Clubs of America
FOR THE 2011 SEASON, ChumpCar is proud to provide charitable assistance to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  With roots beginning in 1860, Boys & Girls Clubs of America play an integral role today in all of our communities by inspiring and enabling all young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.


In 2009, the impact and presence of Boys & Girls Clubs were more important than ever. Amidst the backdrop of an unprecedented economic crisis, Clubs provided a safety net for 4.2 million young people and their families all across the nation via 4,000 club locations. From feeding and nutrition programs that help keep kids healthy to educational initiatives that enhance their performance in school to character-building efforts that instill the importance of community service, Boys & Girls Clubs continued our mission of preparing the next generation for success.


To learn more, visit


ChumpCar Heads to Road America & Willow Springs for April Fool's Weekend 
As always, spectators welcome.
Heck, we'll even take a late entry!
ChumpCar teams will once again bravely set out in the Mid West chill to race this weekend at Road America as the West Region enjoys the sunshine of Willow Springs Raceway in Southern California.   Spectators are always welcome; 1-day pit pass is $15 or enjoy the whole weekend for $25.  And  if you got lucky today and arrived home to find a completely caged, road-ready Chump car parked in your driveway, bring it on down!   Just give our Regional Directors a shout:
Road America, Joey Todd @ 469.877.7502  Details, click here.
Willow Springs, Erik Torgeson @ 503.734.7245  Details, click here.
And while you're at it...be sure to register for these upcoming races!
Chumpy's Revenge  9-10 April
Portland International Raceway, Oregon
Okay, so you Chumps are used to the Halloween event... how about a little Springtime in the PNW? It's a Double-7 --- yep, all daytime driving! THIS RACE IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING SOLD OUT STATUS! And while the official registration date has now passed, we know Erik Torgeson can be bought off with a nice supply of IPAs. Contact ErikT@ChumpCar.com.  More details... 

Texas Two-Point-Nine Step! 16-17 April
Texas World Speedway, College Station, TX
WOW! It's TWS and the 2.9-mile Grand Prix Circuit! A Double-7... just to get you Chumps warmed-up for the 18-hour race in July! This is going to be something special.  And yes, the official registration date has now passed, and we have no idea how Joey Todd can be persuaded.  Contact him yourself and make at offer at JoeyT@ChumpCar.com.   More details... 


ChumpCar Cup Challenge  23 April
Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC
ChumpCar has invited all the Cup teams, N'wide teams and more than a few ARCA teams to come and mix it up with us for an exciting 14-hour crap-can endurance race... on the full road course and oval... the world famous ROVAL. None of this short-course crap for the Chumps! Anyone remember last year's guests at The Rock and/or VIR? Well, they're back... and they want to win this time.  Yeah, yeah...another Regional Director to impress in order to register now after the deadline.   But try contacting Mike Chisek at MichaelC@ChumpCar.com.  Rumor has it, his race car needs a new engine...just saying.  More details...


The Right of Spring 24 (or is that Left?)
30 April - 1 May
Iowa Speedway, Newton, IA
We're turning both left and right at Iowa Speedway... for 24 hours! Come and join the mayhem!  Cornfields were never so fun.  You missed the registration date and car entries for this event are limited; but give JoeyT@ChumpCar.com a shout and be creative.   More details...

The Blanco Basura ChumpCar-Mexicali Grand Prix  14-15 May

The Streets of downtown Mexicali, Mexico
That's right! Mexico! Downtown! Pro-race! Pro-drivers! Blanco Basura as the title sponsor! Televised! Thousands of spectators! 10-hours of racing! 48 hours of partying! It's CHUMPCAR! Go to the ChumpCar Forum to learn about the "2-fer race package" deal -- save some $$$$! This event will be limited to 50 cars. Feel free to contact our in-house tequila specialist at ErikT@ChumpCar.com (and be sure to ask him what the "T" stands for).  More details... 



Visit ChumpCar & Meet Fellow Chumpsters Here



The 47th Annual Portland Swap Meet, Portland Expo, 1 - 3 April

Stop by for a chance to win ChumpGear or a ChumpCar gift certificate towards a future race.  Visit www.PortlandSwapMeet.com.


THE EASTERN REGION will be hosting a Gathering of the Racers in between Rockingham and CMS. We've got quite a few ChumpCar and LeMons teams in the Raleigh, NC area and we'd like a chance for everyone to come out and meet the Eastern staff and fellow racers while enjoying some wings and beers. If the weather is nice, we'll have a car on display for all to ridicule, and we'll have some in car videos from recent races playing on the big screen.  Plenty of ChumpGear will be raffled off for those of you who live for free stuff.  If you know anyone who has been thinking of giving $500 racing a try, bring them along. We're sure we can get them hooked after a few beers and then you'll get your referral discount! Here's the details: 


When: Saturday April 2nd, 4pm -


Where: Archibald's Tavern

5160 Sunset Lake Road


Apex, NC  27539





There's always the ChumpCar 2011 Team Referral Bonu$

THE DEAL... Know some Chumps that want to get started in ChumpCar?  Want to knock 50% off of your car entry fee for the next race?  Well, we can help in both cases...

Any ChumpCar team that recruits a new racing team to a 2011 ChumpCar race will receive a $250 car entry discount - good for ANY ChumpCar race!  (Okay, not any race.  All of them except the Chumpionship).  AND, the new team you recruit will also receive a $250 discount on their car entry for their first race.  Pretty cool, huh?!

THE FINE PRINT... A "new team" is defined as a new car entry - that's a car that has never previously been entered or involved with ChumpCar (aka - a new build)... and... at least two of the team drivers must be new to ChumpCar.  There is no cash value for these discounts.  They must be used in 2011, and they are not transferrable.

There is no limit to the number of new cars or teams that you can recruit, or the number of car entry discounts earned/received.  However, only one car entry discount can be applied to a single race (ie, no doubling of coupons).  Discounts can only be applied to car entries.  Associated driver fees, ChumpCar licenses, bonus laps, etc. will still be required.

The way it works is this: so... you know these Chumps and you get them to build a car.  When they're ready to enter their first event, you MUST e-mail your Regional Director (RD) and advise the RD of the new team captain's name, contact phone number, contact e-mail address and the year/make/model of the car being built.  Without that information, we can't confirm the referral.  We'll confirm that: (1) the new team knows you (Who? Never heard of him!); (2) that their team has at least two new ChumpCar drivers; and, (3) that you're responsible for getting them hooked on ChumpCar.  Once we have that, we'll send you and the new team captain an e-mail that will be your discount certificate.  Simple, easy and it saves some serious $$$!

Okay, start talking to your buddies!