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The MuscleCar Place Podcast – Episode #79 – Cam Benty & Flowmaster

By Robert Kibbe • April 6th, 2011

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Cam Benty, VP of Marketing for Flowmaster Mufflers

This week’s podcast show is Cam Benty, the VP of Marketing for Flowmaster Mufflers. He’s one of those guys that has literally been involved in ever facet of the aftermarket and media sections of our hobby including stints as an Associate Editor at Hot Rod Magazine, Editor of Popular Hot Rodding and Car Craft Magazines, multiple consulting positions in sales, and now VP of Marketing for Flowmaster. Like a lot of us his love for cars started with his dad, but it didn’t begin with American muscle cars at all. His dad liked the “foreign stuff” according to Cam, but he was able to win his dad over later after showing him all of the benefits that a screaming V8 can bring! He’s had a ton of muscle cars over the years, but his dream car would still be a 427 Cobra. If you see one on the cheap, let him know!

I’ve run Flowmasters on my Chevelle for years and have always loved the durability, performance, and sound that they make. They offer a bolt in kit for nearly every muscle car imaginable at this point as well as custom install kits as well. I’m intrigued by the Hushmaster line that Cam discussed in the interview as well because while I love everything my Flowmasters bring to the table, their one drawback is that they run hot. If you have them tucked up close to the floor and have little insulation material between you and they, prepare for a warmed up floor. According to Cam the Hushmasters have a different different that prevents all of that without dropping performance and can literally be touched by hand without any issue even while the car is running!

Thanks for the interview, Cam! Feel free to come back anytime.

-Robert Kibbe