04/27/11 11:12AM Mufflers, Tunable Discs

Supertrapps Anyone?


SuperTrapp tunable disc mufflers have been proven to make power for years. The
reason is that SuperTrapp discs provide a scavenging effect. Here’s how it
works: the gap between each disc ranges from .023-in. wide on the inside of the
muffler, to .028-in. on the external open edge. As hot exhaust gases pass
through the discs to exit the muffler, they enter a larger area, creating a
slight pressure drop as the gas expands, creating a scavenging effect for the
hot gas still inside the muffler. Adding discs increases the size of the exhaust
outlet area. Removing discs decreases the exhaust outlet surface area.

This application is awesome for Ford Mustang owners looking to go from street to strip. The black model pictured here could make your steed look stealthy. Unlike other exhaust systems the Supertrapp is designed to retrofit using your existing pipe/hanger setup or for maximum results customize your aftermarket headers and pipes with the Supertrapp