04/28/11 12:06PM Mustang Alarm System, Reprogramming your anti theft device on your Ford


Hey all you Mustang Owners :

I have a 2002 3.8 Mustang. Last week the alarm system prevented me from starting my car.It had uncoded itself,or something like that.Anyway, it wouldn't let me start the car.
I shopped around for a locksmith who could get it recoded and found a guy who said it would cost anywhere from $175-$300.00 to reset it.

I was prepared to pay to have it done, and then as an after thought I posted the question " What do I do when my alarm system locks me out from starting my car" on my car clubs news group, Mustangs and Fabulous Fords Club of Las Vegas. Lo and behold one of our members had the answer and I want to pass this on to all of you out there who may have a similar situation arise.Be sure and print this out and email it to your friends.It will save you money.

It is pretty easy process.  It took me about a minute, I have the 4 button factory key fob.

-Get into car, close doors, do not start engine, just turn the ignition switch from OFF to RUN (8 times within 10 seconds, with the 8th time remain in the RUN position).  All the doors will automatically LOCK then UNLOCK to confirm the system is in programming mode.

-Immediately (within 20 seconds or less) press any button on the remote (doors will automatically LOCK then UNLOCK to confirm).

-Turn ignition off, you are done, remote should work when tried from outside the car.

My thanks to Walt Clark for this money saving tip!!

If any of our readers have money saving tips for their rides,regardless of make send them to me and I will post here.

Jim Matthews