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Professional Leather Refinishing
Don't Replace it,Maintain It!!

Specialty Leather Maintenance can save the life of your leather. Elite-class or vintage automobile interiors, a piece of fine furniture, or luxurious corporate aircraft all have special needs to keep the leather looking like new.  We provide expert mobile service to clean, repair, or restore your investment in luxury.

Fully-finished, aniline, nu-buck, suede, and exotic leathers are all different.  Each requires unique methods to keep them looking like new.  We take the time to educate you on the best methods to care for your leather. Leather is an organic material that requires constant care to protect its finish and maintain the correct Ph balance. Many popular commercial products make finished leather look shiny or feel slick, but may have a high Ph balance that can cause premature aging.  We use products specially designed by the Leather Institute for all types of leather. Please call us for expert advice before cleaning or conditioning your leather items.

The interior of your car has special needs to maintain its beauty and longevity.  From keeping the interior of your new Beemer or Benz looking like new to restoring the original Connolly leather in your vintage Rolls-Royce or Bentley, we have the skills and products to handle just about anything.  Specialty Leather Maintenance can save the life of all types of leather, adding years of use to your investment in luxury.

Specialty Leather Maintenance is driven by the owner's thirst for expertise.  David James started out in the automobile reconditioning industry in 2001.  He quickly realized that he was not happy with "good enough," but wanted to become a master of the leather repair craft, whether it was on an elite-class automobile interior, a piece of fine furniture, or a luxurious corporate jet.  The more he learned, the more he wanted to learn.   He constantly sought out mentors to improve his level of knowledge and skill.  That naturally led him to Patrick Dorgan and the Leather Institute.  Patrick has decades of experience in the leather industry and is a true craftsmen in the trade.  Patrick's innovative relationship with Townsend Leather Company, a major producer of the highest quality leather for the aviation and furniture industries, sparked the creation of the Townsend Leather Group.  David and his team are proud to be a certified affiliate of the Townsend Leather Group, and are eager to serve the leather maintenance needs of Southern California.

You can contact them at (866) 302-7471
Saving the life of your leather.