06/07/11 01:29PM 48 Hour Camaro, Hot Rod Power Tour, Matt Graves, Photos

Hot Rod Power Tour Day 3: Montgomery, AL

Editors Note: Sorry, we missed the first two reports from Matt so we are picking it up here. It sounds like they are having a lot of fun. I got stuck in Plains, GA once. However, Billy wasn't there and I couldn't get any beer!!!!

Hot Rod Power Tour Day 3: Montgomery, AL

The 48Hour Camaro cruises on, and Matt Graves takes time between BBQ stops to report on the jaunt from Georgia to Alabama. He had a little trouble with the car, but nothing to stop them from running in today's autocross in Nashville. Today, Bret Voelkel will catch up with the pack and will be running some laps in the 48HourCamaro. Here is Matt's report:

"I finally broke the Camaro, sorta. We got up early and after accidentally not paying for breakfast (I found another can of Waffle Off, you know when you're having those Waffle attacks?), we headed out through the wilds of the Georgia pecan fields toward Alabama. I hit the interstate and shifted the Auto Gear 4-speed then hit the Gear Vendors Overdrive. Nothing happened. Then I noticed the speed odometer was reading erratically. I assumed there was a problem so we pulled off the interstate and made a call to Rick at GV for some technical help. We discovered that we put the exhaust too close to the speed sensor and fried it. Sitting in the staging lanes the night before at the strip was just too much to bear for the sensor. Rick is sending us a plug in play harness to overcome the speed sensor so we can shift it up and down manually. No major issue there, we will just use more fuel. So really we are not totally broken down, just more uncomfortable and lighter in the wallet. But dammit the A/C still works GREAT.

Back on the road we head out to Plains, GA. Do you know what is significant about this place? It's the home of Jimmy Carter. Total photo op time here! This is the stuff we love on the Power Tour. This is Americana at its finest. We had fried peanuts, peanut butter ice cream, and peaches. Life in South GA is delicious, nutty, and blazing hot. I also got a Jon a new bumper sticker for his truck. So after spending entirely too much time in Plains, GA we blast on to appropriately named Phoenix City, AL. I discover a BBQ shack in town and we bust down the door.

After stuffing our faces with pork, banana pudding, and buttermilk pie we attempt to leave Phoenix City until the D-100 decides it's had enough heat and vapor locks AGAIN. We ice down the fuel pump and finally get going, making a bee line for Montgomery Motorsports Park. Jon gets to within about 100 yards of the park and the fuel pump finally packs its bags and goes south. Meanwhile, I make another attempt at drag racing the Camaro and run almost the exact same times I did yesterday. So, as any good drag racer would do, I blame it on the heat and not my driving skills. We head to NashVegas today and we have an auto-cross track set up at the show. Bret from RideTech will be there wheeling the Camaro around. Come by and see us so you can pick Bret's brain on suspension set up. Meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures. "

- Matt Graves