09/28/11 10:58AM Garage Repair Equipment, Racing Equipment, suspension, Wheel Alignment

Tru-LIne The All New Laser Alignment Product


Four great US-made products that make for a complete alignment solution!


A complete TL-12 system,
Front and rear stands,
Slip Plates, and
Turn tables

all for MSRP $7250

With the new TL-12 Deluxe package you have everything you need to do an alignment in your shop. The system works with 2 post, in ground and drive-off lifts. If your lifts are tied u no worries. Just move the TL-12 to where you need it. If the vehicles are too large to fit in your shop you can do the alignment in the parking lot!

TL-12 System
Complete TL-12 Setup
14" Race Ramps Work Stands - Front and Rear.
raceramps blocks
Part #s TL-RR14 &TL-RSPS
The cost of ownership on the TL-12 can not be matched by any system in the market. Our units will do everything a system of $40K will do and more. We have no maintenance contracts. The TL-12 is completely portable and can handle any vehicle that rolls up to your shop from small to huge.
Our system is not sexy (unless you find simple functionality sexy), it has no bells, no whistles. All those fancy bits cost you money. The TL-12 just does the job. It can adapt to almost any wheel and align almost any configuration. Rear slip plates.
slip plates
Part # 20-407

Carbon steel-handle turnplates with pointers.
qsp turntables
Part #25-140-P

We are 100% American-made