11/09/11 09:21AM Auto Kraft Nebraska, Dynatech, Johnny Sparks, Mustang Concept Car, SEMA

Mustang Concept Car

The Johnny Sparks concept Mustang presented by Dynatech was a big hit at SEMA, perhaps the most photographed Mustang at the show it was a consent flow of on lookers and camera flashes!  Many of the Auto industries movers and shakers and OEM guys stopped in for a look and approved of the concept design and build. Also a lot of media magazine and TV guys found us as well and spoke with Johnny Sparks or I  and were stunned to learn that under the guidance of a seasoned custom car builder / shop owner Doug Kielian the project was hand built by John Heermann, a 23 year old craftsmen that earned his nick name Johnny Sparks while training and producing on the line at Auto Kraft body and paint Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The car is based on a 2011 Mustang GT that John cut and trimmed the body sheetmetal off to make room for the classic sheetmetal of a 68 and 69 fastback Mustang from Dynacorn (a company that specializes in reproducing high quality sheetmetal for the restoration industry). None of the panels are a direct fit  they all had to endure countless hours of hand crafting to fit the body structure of the new mustang and then carefully welded in place and finished off.  Many of the parts are simply hand built from scratch and bolt on as a factory part.  The only panel that is not hand formed from sheetmetal is the stock hood which is aluminum it has been cut apart and reworked, tig welded etc. to fit the new shape and contours of the front end. There is a tremendous amount of skilled labor that has gone into this build that it is hard to see since it flows so well and looks as natural as any  produced car. We at Auto Kraft are very proud of Johnny Sparks and his achievement and all those who have help along the way.

Auto Kraft in Lincoln, Ne. is also known for producing many custom built late model Mustangs, Short Wheelbase Thunderbirds SC, back from the late 80’s to today also a steady stream of well restored vintage Mustangs, Classics, Muscle cars and vintage race and sports cars Ferraris, Alfa Romeo, Triumphs, Porsches, and even a classic farm truck from time to time.   Auto Kraft has been training young guys to become outstanding craftsmen with confidence for over twenty years, and is always looking to help young guys pursue their dreams in becoming involved in the classic car restoration and custom car building industry.

 The story of this young car builder “ Johnny Sparks” has just begun at the ripe old age of 23 he has a heck of a head start on his career in custom car building and restorations, That is if we can get him down from the tractor because John also has a real job in farming!  As John says he has to feed the world before he can play in it!     


Thanks to all who helped and provided support for this project,  keep an eye out for it in the magazines.

 If you have a "SPECIAL" Project that you need help with, contact Doug Kielan at Auto Kraft Body and Paint or Call the shop at

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