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Presenting the New & Improved ChumpCar Website & Registration System...REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR

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Thanks for your input and patience as the ChumpCar World Series website underwent some radical changes over this last week - a new look; new features; new functions; and, a registration system that really works!



One of the more important, new features of the website includes an entirely new process for race entry and team registration, entry fee payment, and team management. Yes, each driver on a team must register their information within the new ChumpCar system; however, creating a team, entering a race, team registration, entry fee payment, and team management will become the sole responsibility of each Team Captain. The Team Captain role has not been emphasized in the past; however, from now on, the Team Captain becomes YOUR and OUR single point of contact for every ChumpCar event entry.


For example, only the Team Captain can "CREATE" a team. And, only the Team Captain can "INVITE" a driver to be a member of the team. A Team Captain "invites" a team driver by listing the driver's name and that driver's e-mail address on the team roster. (DRIVERS: Make sure that your Team Captain has the e-mail address you registered with! TEAM CAPTAINS: Make sure that you have all your drivers e-mail info!).   Finally, only the Team Captain can "MAKE PAYMENTS" for an event... and even those are limited to either paying the required $250 deposit or paying the total balance due.



ChumpCar World Series officials recognize that certain events have, in the past, sold out and that many of the 2012 events will also reach ChumpCar's maximum capacity of 37.5 cars per mile of paved track. Therefore, to ensure that teams have an equal opportunity to enter all 2012 events, registrations will be processed as first received with paid $250 depositEvents that are anticipated to sell-out include (dates & format subject to change):
* Road Atlanta (Double-7 Enduro): 8 - 9 February
* Palm Beach International Raceway (24-hour Endurance Race): 3 - 4 March
* Portland International Raceway (10 & 6 Enduro): 31 March - 1 April
* Road America (Double-7 Enduro): 21 - 22 April
* Texas World Speedway (24-hour Endurance Race): 19 - 20 May
* Daytona International Speedway (14-hour Endurance Race): 27 May
* Virginia International Raceway (24-hour Endurance Race): 11 - 12 August
* Iowa Speedway (24-hour Endurance Race): 25 - 26 August
* Sebring International Raceway (14-hour Endurance Race): 22 September
* Nelson Ledges Road Course (25:25:25 Endurance Race): 6 - 7 October
* Road America (Double-7 Enduro): 20 - 21 October
* Portland International Raceway (12 & 6-hour Enduro): 27 - 28 October
* NOLA Motorsports Park (Double-7 Enduro): 17 - 18 November
* Road Atlanta (14-hour Endurance Race): 8 December
* Harris Hill Raceway (Double-7 Enduro): 8 - 9 December

Early-entry, with paid deposit, is HIGHLY advisable to guarantee acceptance for these and other events.


Speaking of payments, any payment received after the 60-day payment deadline will automatically incur an additional $50 late fee. It's in the computer system and there's nothing we can do about it. Also, the new payment system will automatically enter in your $100 per event multi-race discount after your first 2012 event. Finally, all guest and crew member pit passes can also be purchased within the new system.


Team Captains will click on the ENTER button in the top navigation bar (or any of the multiple "Enter A Race" links found throughout the website) which will take the Team Captain to the registration site's Main Page. There is a short, step-by-step tutorial there for first time registration assistance. Team Captains will register themselves (as Team Captains), determine a team name, enter the team car information, and... using the e-mail address for each driver on his/her team... "INVITE" those drivers he or she wants to join the team. Then, using the EVENTS drop-down menu of all ChumpCar 2012 events, the Team Captain can enter whichever events he/she wants.

Team Captains can enter any number of races they want, with or without having their team roster completed. HOWEVER, FOR EVERY ENTRY, A $250 DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED AND THERE'S NO AVOIDING PAYMENT IF YOU WANT YOUR ENTRY APPLICATION PROCESSED. 


QUESTIONS:  If you have questions about the website or the registration process, post them on the ChumpCar Forum and the ChumpStaff will respond ASAP. We'll be monitoring this Forum on Thursday and Friday heavily to ensure that everyone's questions or issues are addressed in a timely fashion.

We hope you enjoy the new site & system.  Looking forward to seeing you a track soon!

All the best -
The Entire ChumpStaff