12/12/11 12:22PM Gardena Bowl, History of Auto Racing in LA, Pomona

Where They Raced...


Known around the world for its sunshine, oranges, bathing beauties and Hollywood blockbusters its hard to imagine (and mostly forgotten) that more racing history has been made in Southern California than almost anywhere else in the  world. In fact Los Angeles and the automobile really grew up together, each leaving its mark on the other. However the city is moving on and much of its racing history   is being lost, or at least paved over for more parking! The documentary film WHERE THEY RACED will give this history a victory lap by preserving and     exposing these fading memories for future generations.

        Currently in post-production, WHERE THEY RACED has been greeted with open  arms by the racing community, with many key players in Los Angeles racing history  already agreeing to participate. From descendants of legendary race families who have shared their memories, photo albums and personal accounts, to historians, collectors, museums, clubs and race fans, it is great to see how many people are eager to join in keeping this history alive. If you have photos or films you think might be helpful or you want to contribute or pre-order a copy please feel free to contact us or join the pit crew!        Make sure you view the rest of the trailers here.