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Aftermarket KEYLESS Breakthrough

Aftermarket Keyless Ignition and Push Button Start System

As luxury car makers continue to expand Keyless Ignition, Push Button Start, Keyless Access and Keyless Security options in new 2012 models, More and more owners of Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Classic enthusiasts are inquiring about how they can add this exciting convenience technology to their existing vehicles.

With the introduction of the new 2GO KEYLESSproduct line from Digital Guard Dawg,

Now every Auto enthusiast can have their dreams of going keyless come true!

2GO KEYLESSoffers a complete product line of RFID (Radio Frequency ID)  Push Button Start and 100% “Hands Free” Passive Keyless Entry systems that can be added to any vehicle you own.  Whether you’re looking to add Push Button Starting to your Cobra roadster to give it that final high tech touch, or you want something more sophisticated that can fully replicate the passive keyless access, security and push button starting found on today's most advanced luxury vehicles to complete your new 2011 Mustang, you’ll find it in the 2GO KEYLESSline up. There’s even a model with Remote Start built in. 

Using security technology similar to that found on new Mercedes®, Corvette® and Lexus®, 2GO KEYLESS products operate by using a small credit card style transponder device called an “iKEY”™.  The ultra slim iKEY™ is sleek, stylish and small enough to fit in your wallet or watch pocket of your favorite jeans.  You simply carry the iKEY™ with you for complete “Hands Free” control of all your vehicles access, security and ignition systems.

Just imagine, being able to walk up to your car and having your doors automatically unlock, and your security system de-arm all without ever needing an ignition key or remote. Just climb in and with a simple push of the Start button your engine roars to life!    As you reach your destination another push turns your engine off and you simply exit and just walk away.  Your vehicle automatically locks and all security features self arm.  It’s the ultimate convenience option.  The iKEY™ transponder uses exclusive DFDE (Dual Frequency ~Dual Encryption) technology, that make the iKEY completely secure against scanning or code grabbing. It also can be programmed to operate an unlimited number of vehicles.  Yes, you heard correctly, just one iKEY™ can operate every vehicle you own!

2GO KEYLESSperformance series models are made in the USA and especially designed for high performance custom street rods. These include “on board” ultra high current 60A relays, high speed processor and filtering components made to integrate with MSD style ignition systems with up to 4 individual remote controlled output channels which allow you to operate accessories like shaved doors, specialty lighting, or remotely control your audio, video or whatever you can dream up. There’s even a dedicated proximity controlled channel that automatically activates as you approach your vehicle that can be used to energize your air ride suspension or other devices.  2GO KEYLESSalso has a model available for vehicles that already have existing Alarms or Remote starts that directly integrate with your existing system.

With a selection of Start Button choices second to none, 2GO KEYLESS  gives you over 20 choices of Start buttons including OE buttons from Lexus®, Toyota®, Honda®, Nissan®, BMW® Aston Martin® and others as well as a wide selection of aftermarket Billet style buttons in numerous colors and sizes. There’s even a Mercedes® SL style gear shift available with a start button built right in.

Losing your keys has never felt so good

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