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A Product Endorsement

Hey All....
Does anybody remember Quick-Glo? Its back in manufacture and what a product.

I got a bottle of extra fine from Brent DeLoach and I must say it did an outstanding job on my chrome and grill work. I even used it on my windshield wiper arms and boy are they pretty now!!

I usually don't tout a product unless I have tried it, but this one you gotta have. No need for buckets of water and clean rags. Just rub it on with a soft cloth and let it set a bit and then wipe it off. I had to do a little elbow grease on the wiper blade arms , but the result was well worth it.

I am the deacon at our church and one of my duties is to incense the altar at the beginning of the service. The censor I use is brass and it discolors real easy. Well, I took some Quick-Glo to it and now it looks brand new. In fact it looked soooo good Sunday that the parisheners were asking me if I got a new censor. I told them I used a long forgotten product that I had found again and told them about Quick-Glo.
Get some today, this stuff works like a charm, and its very, very affordable. When I compare it to other products, especially Meguiars, this is a better deal, results wise and cost wise.

I posted a listing and info page for them.

Check it out