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Shop Manuals on CD

Shop Manuals on CD. All printed material for the year the classic car was manufactured IS NOW ON CD. Save your paper manual! Every thing Chrysler, Ford, or GM  provided is on CD. Just use the CD, print out your needed part numbers, service information or wiring. Reps for Detroit Iron Information Systems Jennings and Cindy Hamilton

Authorized Distributor for Detroit Iron Information Systems

Detroit Iron I.S. provides information on classic cars and trucks (1979 and older Chrysler, Ford, and 1972 and older GM) on an easy to use CD-Rom format. Detroit Iron is factory authorized and can provide factory service manuals for General Motors, Chrysler, Ford cars and trucks. These are the original shop manuals provided to the dealer - includes parts, body, electrical, mechanical, everything the manufacturer provided. 

For only $39.95 + $3.50 shipping you can have on CD-rom all the information that is available on your favorite classic car or truck. Got a '58 Corvette - we have it. Need information on the wiring system of a 1966 Ford Falcon - we have it. Want to restore that '59 Impala that's sitting underneath a 'tarp in your back yard, we've got the information.

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